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Sun is the king of all the Planets. In fact, it is not a planet since it is illuminated by its own light and hence it is a Star. However in Astrology, Sun is regarded as a Planet. In Hindu mythology, we call it Lord Vishnu who is the lord of the Universe.

Sun represents Power and Authority and hence it is related to all the Government Authorities, posts of power, people who are on the high posts of power like President, Prime Minister, Members of Parliament and those people who are posted as Presidents / Chairmen of Government Institutes.

People with powerful Sun always seek to excel in whatever field they are and therefore they are not happy working under anybody else. Even if they do Business, they prefer to do a Monopoly Business.

Planet Sun is vital for Life on Earth. Its light helps plants to absorb Carbon dioxide and release Oxygen in return which is essential for the Human Beings and many other life forms on Earth. Its Rays destroy harmful bacteria and it increases the Immunity Power of a person.

Sun also represents our Soul and hence a person with powerful Sun have a good soul, his deeds are exemplary and he is always helpful to others. On the other hand a person with a weak Sun may be very greedy, self-centered and of boasting nature and he may have many health problems as well depending upon the placement of Sun in his horoscope.

Sun gives us vitality and the power of resistance and immunity. It determines our physical strength and body's constitution. Sun is regarded as the  life force and giver of will power, intellect, brilliance, prosperity and success in worldly affairs. It is also related to our ambitions and fame. 

The Sun rules over our consciousness and hence it is our "adult"-- the part of us that censors our "inner child" and reasons things out.. The Sun is our basic identity, and represents self-realization. Sun is the psychological factor which dominates our actions. We may think, dream, imagine and hope to become a thousand things according to our Moon and other planets, but ultimately it is the Sun which  decides what we are in reality. We shine in those areas of our life which are related to the house where Sun is placed in our horoscopes.


 Lord of Nakshatra  Krittika, Uttaraphalguni and Uttarashada
 Duration in Each Rashi  1 month
 Lord of Rashi  Leo ( Sinha )
 Exalted in  Aries ( Mesh )
 Debilitated in  Libra ( Tula )
 Day  Sunday
 Gender  Male
 Friendly Planets  Moon, Mars and Jupiter
 Neutral Planet  Mercury
 Enemy Planets  Venus, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu
 Direction  East
 Color  Orange, Saffron, Light Red
 Metal  Gold and Copper
 Gem  Ruby, Garnet
 Element  Fire
 Period of Maha Dasha  6 years
 Diety  Lord Vishnu
 Season  Summer ( Grishma Ritu ) June - July
 Vedic Mantra  Om Grhani Suryay Namah
 Beej Mantra  Om Hraang Hreeng Hraung Sah Suryay Namah - 7000 times
 Articles of Donation  Wheat, Copper, Jaggery, Red flowers, Red Cloth, Ghee, Red Sandal, Ruby, Red Cow, Gold ( At sunrise on Sunday )
 Remedies of Sun as per Vedic Astrology  CLICK HERE
 Remedies of Sun as per Lal Kitab  CLICK HERE


Sun gives boldness, commanding ability, fame, position, dignity, vitality, energy, happiness, royal appearance, optimism, power, success, good health, warmth, affection, good temperament, respect to elders, honour from government, wealth. Sun makes a native kind, generous, sympathetic to poor and talented.


A weak Sun in the horoscope makes the native arrogant, mean, boastful, irritable, jealous, wavering temperament, angry, proud, immoral.. He is likely to misuse his powers.


Sun gives the native honey colored eyes, broad shoulders, lean and muscular body, large and round face, short hairs and the color of skin is blackish Red. The height is average and the immunity power is good and a commanding speech.


Sun rules over heart, head, brain, right eye, bones, mouth, spleen and blood circulation.


Administrator, Politicians, Government jobs, Jewelers, professions related to practice of Medicines, Economist, Ruling class, Magistrate, Dealer in wool, Forest officer, Surveyor, Photographer and Designer


The diseases related to Sun are heart problems, Eye problems, high fever, baldness, low blood pressure, liver, bile and Gastric problems, Jaundice, Migraine, Gonorrhea, Poisoning, Skin disease, diseases related to head and brain like epilepsy, cerebral disorders , bone weakness and diseases of bones and sunstroke and difficulty in movements.


The products represented by Sun are Wheat, Jaggery ( Gur ), Groundnut, Coconut, Almonds, Chilies, Saffron, Orange, cardamoms etc.


The Sun represents Body, Father, Soul, Light, Heat, Politics, Power, Medicines, Government, Name and Fame, Honor, Health, Velour, Wool, Wood or Timber, Places of Worship,  Forests and Deserts, Ayurveda, Fire.


Sun represents places like mountains, forests, Shiva temples, fortress, government buildings, public offices like District Boards, panchayat etc.


Gems represented by Sun are Gold, Copper and Ruby. Native whose Ascendant Lord is Sun can wear the Ring ( in ring finger ) or Pendant of Ruby in Silver / Gold in the constellation of Sun.


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