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Saturn is one of the beautiful planet of our Solar world. Saturn is considered to be a malefic planet. Sorrow, Pain, Ailments, Death, Journey, Age, Slavery, Sculpture, Arms and Detachment are signified by Saturn.

Saturn is called Yama because it is the chief governor of longevity. Saturn is also called St. Peter holding the keys of both Heaven and Hell. It rules over hard and laborious work as well as over responsible positions in life. Saturn is a planet of delay. Saturn is barren, binding, cold, constant, dry, defensive, hard, nervous and secretive planet.

As per Ancient Vedic Texts, Saturn is a Cruel planet. Astrologically, Saturn is the Lord of Zodiac sign Capricorn and Aquarius. It is Exalted in zodiac sign Libra and Debilitated in zodiac sign Aries. It is said that planet Saturn is a judge of our past deeds. The planet Saturn is a Natural Benefactor of Jobs and Services, Metals, Industries, Age, Poverty, Hardships, Diseases, all kinds of obstacles and selfishness.

A person having weak or a malefic Saturn in his horoscope has to undergo sufferings in all his life and his progress is very slow even with a very hard work. However, if the planet Saturn is favourable in a person's horoscope then he can get very good Success, Name and Fame in his Business / Career especially in those areas that are governed by Saturn like Industries. When Saturn is adverse, it causes many problems, accidents, conflicts, poor financial position, sorrow, sadness, depression, poverty etc. Under such circumstances, a Shani Puja can bring peace and comfort.

If the planet Saturn is in conjunction with planet Rahu, then it forms a bad yoga known as " Shani Rahu Shrapit Dosha " which adversely affects almost all the areas of life and the person's life is full of hardships. Similarly, if the planet Saturn is in conjunction with planet Moon, then it forms another bad yoga known as " Shani Chandra Vish Yoga ". Such a person is very intelligent, yet at times he can fall prey to extreme negativity and depression. In all such cases, a Shani Puja can be extremely beneficial.

A person is said to be under the major affliction of Saturn known as "Saturn Sade Sati" when the planet Saturn is transiting through the 12th, 1st and 2nd house from the Natal Chart Moon, each transit being of approximately two and a half years. A person has to undergo all kinds of hardships during this period including stress, anxiety, tensions, loss of mental peace as well as financial losses. These problems are more profound if the planet Saturn is malefic in the horoscope. Similarly, a person is said to be under the minor affliction of Saturn known as "Small Panoti" when the planet Saturn is transiting through the 4th or 8th house from his Natal Chart Moon. The adverse effects of Small Panoti are also similar to Saturn Sade Sati. In both these afflictions also, a Shani Puja can give an immense relief by the blessings of Lord Saturn.



 Lord of Nakshatra  Pushya, Anuradha and Uttarbhadrapad
 Duration in Each Rashi  2 and a half years
 Lord of Rashi  Capricorn ( Makar ) & Aquarius ( Kumbh )
 Exalted in  Libra ( Tula )
 Debilitated in  Aries ( Mesh )
 Day  Saturday
 Gender  Male
 Friendly Planets  Venus, Mercury, Rahu, Ketu
 Neutral Planet  Jupiter
 Enemy Planets  Sun, Moon and Mars
 Direction  West
 Color  Blue, Jet Black & Indigo
 Metal  Iron
 Gem  Blue Sapphire, Turquoise, Amethyst, Blue Zircon & Blue Tourmaline
 Element  Air
 Period of Maha Dasha  19 years
 Deity  Lord Bhairav
 Season  Winter ( Shishir Ritu ) February - March
 Vedic Mantra  Om Shang Shanishcharaye Namah
 Beej Mantra  Om Praang Preeng Praung Sah Shanishcharaya Namah - 23000 times
 Articles of Donation  Til ( Black Lentil ), Blue or Black flowers, Blue cloth, Blue Sapphire, Urad Daal ( Horse Bean ), Oil, Buffalo, Leather Shoes, Black umbrella, Saturn Yantra ( at noon time )
 Remedies of Saturn as per Vedic Astrology  CLICK HERE
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When Saturn is beneficial, it gives good qualities like endurance, economy, thrift, patience, perseverance, power of retaining secrets, permanence, stability, self control, sense of duty towards God and man, accuracy, precaution in all matters. It develops in an individual truth, charity, power of meditation and concentration, sincerity, prudence, asceticism etc.


When Saturn is afflicted, it causes delays, disappointment, disharmony, dispute, despondency, dejection, differences, distrust etc. It gives persistent bad luck, up-hill struggles, sorrows and disappointments. It makes the native drunkard, gambler, lazy and lethargic.


Saturn gives the native dark color, thin built, prominent veins, thick nails, protruding teeth, coarse and thick hair, long hands and feet. From the face, native appears older then his actual age. Native is dirty, angry, dreadful, foolish, full of wrinkles and a talebearer. Native is merciless and melancholic. Saturn makes one a little deaf.


Parts of the body represented by Saturn are the right ear, obstruction of bodily fluids, obstruction in urine and retention of waste materials, hardening of synovial membrane, teeth, bones, knees, spinal chord, hair and growth.


Manufacturer, Hardware Engineer, Technician, Scientist, Researcher, Foreign language translator, Computer programmer, Private detective, English Language Tutor, Floor Mill owner, Laboratory Technician, Scrap dealer, Antic Article Collector & Seller, Owner of Steel company or Worker of Steel company.


The diseases indicated by Saturn are cancer, paralysis, sciatica, Bright’s disease, colds, deafness, tooth decay, diphtheria, insanity, rheumatism, asthma, consumption, defective speech, catarrh, gallstones, curvature of spine, hemorrhoids, asthma, gout, skin disease, fracture etc.


The products represented by Saturn are kerosene, petrol, coal, mine ores, leather, hides, skin, wood, potato, black pulses, barley, rye, mustard oil, wine, black articles, plantain, ivy, hemp, hellebore, aconite, thistle, leguminous seeds.


Saturn represents Sorrow, Pain, Ailments, Death, Journey, Age, Slavery, Sculpture, Arms, Detachment, Jobs and Services, Metals, Industries, Age, Poverty, Hardships, Diseases, all kinds of obstacles and selfishness.


Saturn represents animals like cat, asses, hare, wolves, bear, crocodile, serpents and venomous creatures, buffaloes, camels. It also represents birds like eel, sea fish, bats and owls.


Saturn represents places like hills, forests, deserts, caves, dens and old and ruined buildings, churches, temples, trenches, wells, stinking places, slum areas, dirty places tanning factories, bone factory etc. 


Precious gems/ metals represented by Saturn are Blue sapphire, Amethyst, iron, lead, steel and antimony. Native whose Ascendant Lord is Saturn can wear the Ring ( in middle finger ) or Pendant of Blue Sapphire or Amethyst in Silver / Gold in the constellation of Saturn.


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