Maha Kali Yantra

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Maha Kali Yantra should be installed and worshipped in order to appease Goddess Kali who is the most fearsome and ferocious expression amongst all the other expressions of divinity. She is responsible for the demolishment and eradication of all the negative values and negativity of universe. Worshipping of this Yantra is supposed to give Success in any venture that a person undertakes and he is able to get victory over his enemies by the blessings showered on him by Goddess Kali. This Yantra has occult powers and it safeguards a person from Black Magic, Evil Eye, Bad Influence of spirits, Ghosts and Wicked Enemies. This Yantra is also effective to protect a person from the malefic effects of planet Saturn if the same is placed badly in a person's horoscope. The planet Saturn is accountable for most of the misfortunes, sufferings and sorrows of life and therefore the worshipper of this Yantra gets a relief from them. This Yantra has great forces and as per Ancient Vedic Texts, it has potential to protect the person from diseases like Blood Pressure, Paralysis and Nervous disorders.


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