Matsya Yantra

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Matsya Yantra should be installed and worshipped in order to erase the Vastu fault of any dwelling like any house, office, factory, showroom, godown, etc. A vastu fault is created whenever there is an imbalance between the 5 basic elements which are Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Space. This is a serious matter which can lead to a large number of problems adversely affecting the Health, Wealth and Happiness of people residing or working at such a place. A Matsya Yantra represents Lord Vishnu who took the "Matsya Avatar" in which he himself established the equilibrium and harmony of the cosmos. This Yantra is very effective in removing the Vastu faults of a place and bringing back stability amongst all the 5 basic elements so that the building and the people residing / working there are secured from evil effects of Vastu. This Yantra can also safeguards the worshipper from all kinds of Black Magic and Negative influences of the surroundings.


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