Puja for Peace of Departed Souls

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This Puja should be done for the peace and salvation of departed soul of the person who may have been associated with your family as Ancestor, Relative or even any other beloved person who have been associated with you for long time and you are not sure that he has received a proper Antim Sanskar and associated rituals.
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Information about Puja for Peace of Departed Souls
According to Hindu Vedic Texts and in almost all the other religions, it is considered that Death of a Person is actually a transition from the Visible (materialistic) to the Invisible (spiritual) world. Almost all the religions and cultures fundamentally agree on one single fact that when a person dies, it’s the death of his/her physical body, but the soul continues to live on in the spirit world with a body or shape that is identical to the earthly body. But with enhanced powers and moves, it keeps haunting and hovering around as an ancestor provided the person is given a correct funeral along with a number of other religious ceremonies known as "Antim Sanskar”. All religions strongly believe that if a person is not given proper funeral rites then the dead person's soul may not be able to make a smooth transit to the other world and he may continue to wander aimlessly in this very world and may even create troubles and dangers to family, friends and enemies due the restlessness they are undergoing. At times, it is strong attachment towards another living person or a physical belonging which does not allow the soul to set free and get detached from this world.

It is necessary to detach the deceased person from the living world so that his journey to another world can be made as smooth and easy as possible. However, unfortunately sometimes this is not done due to one or the other unavoidable reasons and in such cases the diseased soul roams aimlessly in this very plain and may revisit repeatedly to trouble the living relatives. It is a widely accepted fact in many parts of the world that Death of a person is not the end of life, but it is simply a transition, like travelling of life to another realm. Many believe that their ancestors who have succumbed to death have passed from this visible world to an invisible world i.e. from the world of humans to the world of spirits. These caring ancestral spirits also known as ancestors are believed to look over and take care of family. They also bless and ensure the survival and prosperity of their relatives and families.

Anyhow if a proper Antim Sanskar has not been conducted along with the other related rituals for the salvation of the dead, then they might bring problems, bad luck and dangers to those who were supposed to have performed these rites and rituals for them. Unfortunately at times, people illogically suffer continuously in spite of all the good deeds they do and yet are unable to understand that the real reason is that one of their ancestors did not receive a proper Antim Sanskar.

Therefore it is always advisable that if you are suffering continuously and if the persistent problems in life never seems to end adversely affecting almost every aspect of you as well as your family (in spite of all the good deeds of yours), then it should be a good idea to get a Puja done for the peace and salvation of departed soul of the person who may have been associated with your family as Ancestor, Relative or even any other beloved person who have been associated with you for long time and you are not sure that he has received a proper Antim Sanskar and associated rituals.
Puja Procedure

14 Shraadhs, Pind daan, Tarpan, Vishnu Gayatri Mantra Jaap for 5100 times

Duration of Mantra Japa & Puja
1 Day
Number of Priests
4 Priests
Puja Schedule

We will inform you about the exact date of Online Puja for Peace of Departed Souls through an Email after you have placed your order

A Short Video containing Highlights of important parts of this Puja will be taken and sent to you via Email

Puja includings
  • All the materials needed for the Puja which usually includes Coconut, Beetle leaves, fruits, Ghee, Prasad, Sweets and Hawan Kund samagri etc.
  • Food or the Anna Daan given to the Brahmins/ Purohits who participates in this pooja
  • Vastra Daan or the cloths given in charity to the Brahmins on completion of the Pooja.
Puja Prasadam

Prasadam of Puja for Peace of Departed Souls will consist of Food & Fruits and the same will be served to Brahmins after the Puja has been completed. Hence, No Prasadam will be sent and consequently you do not have to pay any Shipping Charges which means that No Shipping Charges will be added to the cost of Puja.

Details required for Puja
Request you to provide us the following details for the Puja in the fields provided above along with the main image :
  • Name of the Diseased
  • Date of Death
  • Gotra ( if you know )
  • Name of last 3 Ancestors ( if you know )

Alternately you have an option of mailing us this information through email along with your Photo (if you wish) at the mail ID given below after you have placed your order.

Call us
Landline : +91 79-40032280
Mobile : +91 989816 9911
Puja Ethics

We are very religious minded people and are deeply bothered regarding the problems of our clients who place their precious trust on us for performing the pujas on their behalf so that they can get a desired result as per their expectations. These Pujas are performed by our learned and well experienced Brahmins/Pundits who have expertise in this line since they have been practicing it since a span of at least last two generations. All the pujas are performed exactly according to the guidelines prescribed by our ancient sages and our Vedic literature so that our clients can derive the maximum benefit of them.

All the pujas will be performed at Ahmedabad, India and the venue will be finalized by our purohits depending upon the type of Puja. The date is normally within 3 days of the receipt of the order unless it calls for a particular date either due to the customer’s choice or due to the type of Puja which requires to be performed on some specific Tithi (date according to the Hindu calendar) as per Vedic Shastras.

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