Tripura Sundari Yantra

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Goddess Tripura Sundari - "Beautiful Goddess of the Three Cities or Maha-Tripurasundari (Great Beautiful Goddess of the Three Cities) who is also known as Shodashi, Shree Vidhya, Lalita and Rajarajeswari (Queen of Queens-Supreme Ruler) is depicted as a sixteen year old Goddess having extreme beauty as well as Powers of arousing the senses, possessing 16 type of desires, enhancing the intellectual and emotional aspects in the three worlds of Aakash, Paatal and Dharti. The name Shodashi is associated to her since she is sixteen years old and remains the same as well as she also possesses Sixteen Supernatural Powers. She is considered as one of the most important Das Mahavidhyas and as per Ancient Vedic Texts, all other Mahavidhyas converse in her vidhya that is Shree Vidhya. Her consort is Maha Kameswar Shiva and she is considered to be highest aspect of Goddess Adi Shakti. Hence, any person who worships Goddess Tripura Sundari Yantra with full faith and dedication is blessed with Beauty, Good Fortune, Wealth, Prosperity and a Blissful marital life. This yantra is also very suitable for them whose marriage got delayed and want to find suitable match.


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