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A Good Health is one of the most important necessasity of life. A person is said to be Healthy when he can carry out his day to day activities without the help of any other man or machine. Age old sayings like "Health is Wealth" and "A healthy mind rests only be in a healthy body" still hold their values as we ourselves experience whenever we are sick due to any reason. All of us fall pray to one or the other kind of Illness sometimes due to our negligence or at other times due to our Ignorance. Similarly sometimes we feel that there are certain kinds of ailments that continuously haunt us off and on. Like Medical Science, Astrology is also a science that can provide us a very important clue about our health status and our predisposition to certain kind of ailments.

The various parts and organs of our body are represented by various houses of a horoscope and if a particular house is afflicted  then a person will be prone to diseases of those parts of the body.

Planets also play a very important role in our predisposition to diseases or their types. If someone is having a malefic Sun in his/her horoscope, then he is bound to have a weak immunity and other diseases like those of bones, heart , eyes etc. which are controlled by Sun.

Zodiac Signs or the Rashis also makes a person vulnerable to certain types of diseases depending upon their nature and Element . For Example, people with zodiac sign as Aeries are more prone to diseases of head or eyes or liver, stomach as this sign have FIRE as its basic element.

If you are experiencing recurring health problems or problems that continuously trouble you or you are anxious about any impending health problems , we are here to help you overcome all this by our rich and vast experience of Astrology and the Remedial Measures suggested below. 

Please remember  "An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure".


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