Shukra Yantra

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Shukra Yantra should be installed and worshipped in order to appease planet Venus. As narrated in the Ancient Vedic Texts, Venus is a Benefic planet. Venus is the Lord of Zodiac sign Taurus and Libra in astrological terms. It is Exalted in zodiac sign Pisces and Debilitated in zodiac sign Virgo. It is considered that planet Venus is the planet of Beauty, Art and Emotions. The planet Venus is a Natural contributor of Love, Beauty, Music, Art, Dance, Romance, T.V and Cinema artists. A person bearing weak or a malefic Venus in his horoscope is rude in behaviour, non-communicative, prone to develop bad habits and join bad company. He is also fall prey of diseases like Diabetes, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Diseases of Sexual Organs. Nonetheless, if the planet Venus is favourable in a person's horoscope then he can get very good Success, Name and Fame in his Business / Career especially in those sectors that are governed by Venus like Music, Art, Modeling, Beautician, Computer Designing, Acting, News Reader, Interior Designing, Fashion Designing, Jewellery Designing etc. If a person works in any of the above professions and he is not able to get desired level of Success then he should seek the blessings of planet Venus by worshipping a Shukra Yantra.

If the planet Venus is harmful in a person's horoscope then worshipping of Shukra Yantra is highly advantageous and favourable. It brings respect to the worshipper as well as increased attraction from opposite sex and peace of mind. This Yantra is very essential for a timely marriage, a happy marital life as well as for getting all kinds of Luxuries and Comforts of life.


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