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Success in Business is very important not only for the person doing it, but also for the well being and happiness of the entire family. An astrological evaluation of a person's Horoscope can give a clear indication as to whether he will be more successful in Business or Job. The 10th house of the horoscope is most important house from Business point of view. The lines of Business most suitable for a person are those which are related to the Lord of the 10th house. Apart from this, the 2nd House ( House of Wealth ), 7th house ( 10th house from 10th and also the house of Partnerships ), the 9th House (House of Luck) and 11th House ( House of Profits ) should also be evaluated .

Sometimes inspite of our best Efforts, Talent, Competence and Hard work we are not able to achieve the desired level of Success in our business, or at times there are unexpected problems in a successfully running business. At such times, it is always advisable to get your horoscope evaluated to find out if the root cause for these problems lies in the Horoscope. Simultaneously, any of the Remedial Measures given below may also be adopted to neutralize the malefic effects of planets adversely affecting your Business. 

Please find below various Remedial Measures for Enhancement of Your Business as well as  to help in resolving the problems that you may be facing in your Business, most probably due to an adverse Transit of a Malefic Planet . If you wish, you may also opt for the Basic Analysis of Your Horoscope so that our Expert Astrologer Mr. Ramesh K Khaitan can guide you about specific problems related to your Business and suggest Remedial Measures accordingly.


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