Ketu Yantra

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Ketu Yantra should be established and worshipped in order to appease planet Ketu. Planet Ketu is a shadow planet which means that even though it does not bear any kind of physical existence, yet its effects are very marked and pronounced especially so when it is placed wrongly in one's horoscope. The planet Ketu is a atrocious planet although it has a spiritual aspect to it as well. It forms a Kaal Sarp Dosha with Rahu and it is also responsible for various kinds of disappointments in life especially in those incidents which occur suddenly like accidents etc. The planet Ketu also forms various bad Yogas when it is in association with other planets. In all the above situations, installing and worshipping a Ketu Yantra can be very relieving. This Yantra is also said to be helpful in neutralizing the effects of Snakebite and sudden illness due to venoms. This Yantra is also very effective in dealing with the problems like fear of Death, Litigation, Sudden Losses, Bone Diseases like Arthritis etc. It also endows good Health, Wealth and Prosperity. This Yantra also helps to get Success in Business and Victory over Enemies.


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