Agate Bracelet For Cancer (Kark)

Product Code: BRCAG05
A beautiful Bracelet made from small round Beads of a Semi Precious stones for Planet Moon.
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Information about Moon Bracelet

A beautiful Bracelet made from small round Beads of Agate (akik) for planet Moon, as well as of Pearl beads.
Benefits of White Agate and Pearl Bracelet

This bracelet pacifies the malefic effects of planet Moon and strengthens this planet in ones Horoscope. This bracelet can also be worn by persons having their zodiac sign as Cancer ( Kark Rashi ) OR  their Ascendant as Cancer with wonderful results in improvement of their Mental as well as Spiritual Health. This Bracelet also helps to improve personals Relations as well as Business that are related to planet Moon.


Agate beads strung in stretchable elastic
  Pearl Beads strung in stretchable thread 


You may select any of the two variant by clicking the Dropdown option provided along with the main image for planet Moon.

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