Why Pujas from Divine Rudraksha

Why Pujas from Divine Rudraksha

We are genuinely Religious minded people and we are sincerely concerned regarding the problems of our clients who have faith and confidence on us for performing pujas on their behalf so that they can get an expected result as per their requirements. These Pujas are performed by most experienced and learned Brahmins/Pundits who are into this line since at least 2 - 3 generations. All the pujas are performed strictly according to the instructions described by our ancient sages and our Vedic literature so that our clients can get fullest benefit of them.

  • We have all the fundamental infrastructure and our Guruji himself is a most learned and experienced Karmkandi Brahmin performing Pujas & Homam since past 25 years and is in the 3rd generation performing these rituals according to Authentic Hindu texts. He has a team of skilled and learned Brahmins with him who possess well developed ritual expertise due to the large number of individual and mass Pujas and Homams they have conducted.

  • Our charges are very affordable and they have been estimated depending upon the number of Brahmins needed for the specific Puja, material (Puja Samagri) required and the number of Beej Mantras that have to be recited as per the Puja.

  • We believe in being most authentic and are determined to provide sheer satisfaction to our respected clients. For this, we take a short video of the puja which contains highlights of important parts of the Puja performed and send it to the client without any extra charges.

  • We consider all the aspects and select a most suitable day and date for the Puja in consultation with our Guruji which is calculated according to your Date, Time and Place of Birth. As soon as the puja date is finalized, our clients are informed at least 2-3 days earlier along with the instructions that they are supposed to follow while the Puja is being performed for them.

  • We also request our clients for revealing their Sankalp (wish) for the puja that they have selected to perform. The clients can send a digital photo of theirs if they wish. This photo will be kept in the Puja ceremony. It is highly recommended for better impact.
  • We deliver you certain items (like Yantras, Rudraksha Malas, Rudraksha etc.) as Prasadam of the Puja that has been performed for you. These items are placed in the Puja Rituals and have been blessed during the puja. A detailed guidance will be sent along with the Puja Prasadam regarding each and every item of the prasadam. These instructions can also be obtained online from on our website for which please click here...

    Please note that the Puja Prasadam is cleanly packed and sent to you via couriers within 2-3 days after the Puja has been accomplished and normally it is delivered to you within 10-15 days depending upon the distance of client location. We do not send anything edible since it can get compromised while in transit thereby becoming unsuitable for consumption.

  • Our clients are most welcome to personally attend the Puja if they wish to do so. Alternately, any of your family member or friends can also attend the Puja on your behalf.

  • We have been successfully carrying out the Pujas since past many years and we have a long list of satisfied clients convinced by our services all across the globe. The quality and success of our services can be judged by the very fact that a large number of our clients have been placing orders regularly for them as well as for their family members. Please verify the Testimonials of some of the Pujas performed by us.


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