The 9 planets in Astrology, according to vedas are known as Nav Grahas. These exist in the entire sphere of celestial and astrological studies. In astrology, planets are the heavenly bodies, whose movements are tracked by keeping earth as the central point, the heavenly objects casting their influence on earth, nature and its inhabitants to a great degree.

In the horoscope, each planet represents an acting force, either internally in a person or externally in the world. The planets are the only active components in the horoscope. The Zodiac signs, the Houses and the aspects, give character and settings to them, or links them together - but what generate action, activity, are the planets. The planets express what happens, the Houses where it happens, the aspects why, and the Zodiac signs how.


Planet Sun

It is the central force of the Solar System. It is the King Emperor that rules over the body and soul and all other planets obey his commands. It is the supreme source of light and life. If exalted it brings glory and fame; and if weak or malefic it brings misery. A man with an exalted Sun is born to rule and the one with a weak Sun is born to serve. In Hindu mythology, we call it Lord Vishnu who is the Lord of the Universe. In Islamic astrology, it is called 'Shams' or 'Khurshid' in Persian. His height is normal; has a bright face; both the hands raised and are 'Lion' like. Its main period lasts for 6 years.



Planet Moon

She is the Lord of the mind, heart and eyes and sea travels. She is the Mother Earth showering all the blessings on her children. If benefic, it bestows all wealth and comforts, filling the ocean of life with abundance of milk and wealth. But if malefic, it makes the man insane, psychic, who may even commit suicide. Its main period lasts for 10 years in a lifecycle of 120 years. In Islamic astrology, it is called 'Qamar' or 'Mah' in Persian; the picture of a tall man with both hands on his shoulders with a halo around his face.



Planet Mars

When benefic, it confers strength and power and relieves man of his pain and problems. If malefic, it wreaks havoc and spreads lawlessness and anarchy. It dances the dance of death. In Hindu mythology, it refers to both of Lord Shiva - the Lord of happiness and bounty and the Lord of death. It is Lord Hanuman - the reliever of pain and destroyer of enemies. Its total period extends to 7 years in a life cycle of 120 years. In Islamic astrology, it is called 'Mariakh' or 'Behram' in Persian. It refers to the picture of a soldier carrying a sword in one hand and the slain head of the enemy in the other hand.



Planet Mercury

It is the most powerful planet, through a eunuch. If friendly it bestows all favours. It is the most deadly enemy if malefic. Man with benefic Mercury is well-read, jolly and liberal; and one with weak or malefic Mercury is a flatterer who indulges in meaningless talk. According to Hindu mythology, it is all-powerful Goddess Durga. Its main period lasts for 17 years in a life cycle of 120 years. In Islamic astrology, it is called 'Attaroo'. It is the picture of an old man with a long beard, carrying a pen in his hand and a piece of paper resting on the knees; as if he is writing something.



Planet Jupiter

He is the great 'Guru' or the teacher, preceptor and guide of the gods. If exalted the man becomes learned; scholarly, specialist in languages and pious and noble, but when malefic, man becomes a poor sadhu and is reduced to utter poverty like Sudama in Hindu mythology. He is Lord Brahma of the Hindu Trinity of gods and is the creator of the Universe. Its main period lasts for 16 years in a cycle of 120 years. In Islamic astrology, he is called 'Mushtri' or 'Barjis' - an old venerable man with a book in his hand.



Planet Venus

It is a beautiful and sweet tongued planet. It refers to marital happiness if exalted and discord if malefic. If exalted, it confers all pleasures on the spouse and if malefic, it is lustful and undependable. In Hindu mythology, it refers to Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and monetary well-being. Its main period lasts for 20 years in a life cycle of 120 years. In Islamic astrology, it is called 'Zauhara' or 'Naheed' in Persian. It is the picture of a beautiful woman with a musical instrument in her hand.




Planet Saturn

It refers to a black cobra which stings and also the snake carrying 'Sapphire' (Mani) over its hood. If benefic, it confers all wealth and power. If malefic, it hisses, stings and injects poison. Its main period lasts for 19 years in a life cycle of 120 years. In Hindu mythology, it is referred to as Lord Bhairav or Lord Yama, the lord of the underworld. In Islamic astrology, it is called 'Zohal' or 'Kewan' in Persian. It is the picture of a man with long hair, six hands, carrying sickle in two hands striking at the donkey, a branch of a fruit tree in other two hands and the tail of a rat in the remaining two hands. It is all black in color.



Planet Rahu

Rahu is not a planet but a node called "Dragon's Head". If exalted, it confers power and position. It is like the trunk of the elephant which can take man to great heights, but a malefic Rahu throws the man into a gutter and slough of misery and poverty. It even throws the man into prison, whether innocent or guilty.



Planet Ketu

It is a dog that leads the man to the hut of a dervish or sadhu. It also refers to son. If exalted, one is blessed with noble sons; if malefic; son goes astray and brings ignominy to parents. It is called "Dragon's Tail" and has no independent existence of its own. It acts as a slave to Rahu and acts at Rahu's dictates.




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