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Puja is a religious custom performed as described in our Ancient Vedic Scripts. Puja is performed to appease God, a Spiritual power, a Planet or any other Divine Entity. Puja is customarily performed by learned Brahmins following the Rules and Guidelines laid in our ancient scripts. The Puja is generally performed for fulfillment of certain wishes or for protection against any harmful effect.

Why Holy Pujas from Divine Rudraksha ?
We offer our clients the facility of getting these Pujas ( Virtual Pujas ) performed by our Learned Brahmins and Vedic Scholars on their ( Clients ) behalf at very reasonable and affordable Prices. Please note :- 
  • We have all the necessary infrastructure and the most learned pandits who can perform these pujas for you after taking a "Sankalp".
  • Our charges are very reasonable and they have been worked out depending upon the number of Brahmins needed for the specific Puja, material ( Puja Samagri ) required and the number of Beej Mantras that have to be recited as per the Puja.
  • We believe in being most authentic and strive to provide utmost satisfaction to our clients. For this, we record the highlights of most important parts of puja performed and share the same with you.
  • We send you certain items ( like Yantras, Rudraksha Malas, Rudraksha, etc. ) as Prasadam of the Puja that has been performed for you. These items are kept in the Puja Rituals and have been blessed by the divine powers during the puja. These items should be kept in your Puja Room, Cash Box or in the Office ( Detailed instructions are sent along with these items ) depending upon the Puja which has been performed.
  • Our learned Purohits take the Sankalp in the name of the person for whom the puja is being performed. After that he recites the Mantras for a specific number of times along with other Brahmins present so that the total number of recitals which is in thousands is achieved within the specified time period. After that a Homam is performed where the Lord Agni is Invoked and offerings are made to him in the form of Ghee, Prasad (usually sweets, Fruits, Coconut etc.) and many other items as prescribed in our scripts while chanting mantras of the deity for whom the entire Puja has been performed. After a successful Homam, an Aarti of the concerned Deity is recited and this marks the completion of Puja.During the Puja, all the items ( Yantra, Rudraksha Mala, Rudraksha, etc. ) which are to be sent as Prasadam to the client are also ENERGIZED and thereafter they are sent as Prasadam.

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