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Astrology is one of the strongest tools at the hands of a experienced astrologer which can shed light on all the aspects of Child Birth.
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Information about Progeny Report

The biggest aspiration that awaits a couple soon after their marriage is the Child Birth. This is also a dream of the entire family that the married couple be blessed with a healthy child without any problems during the entire period of pregnancy. Astrology is one of the strongest tools at the hands of a experienced astrologer which can shed light on all the aspects of Child Birth.

The 5th House of a Horoscope is generally considered as the indicator of Progeny. The primary concern of the 5th House is Progeny and most of the astrological predictions based on this house is about children one begets. The alternative house of children is 9th House, being the 5th house from the 5th. The Saptamsha is the Divisional Chart which gives more clues about the children. While reading the divisional chart, importance is to be given to the Lagna and Lagna Lord of the Saptamsha and concerned house i.e. 5th house and its lord in the Saptamsha. The position of Jupiter should also be seen in the Lagna and the Saptamsha chart as it is the giver of children.

Spectacular predictions can be given in cases where the birth chart and the divisional chart i.e.  Saptamsha point to the same results. If unfortunately you are facing any problems in this aspect of your life , then our astrologer is here to guide you by analyzing horoscope of both the Husband as well as that of the Wife and inform you about the root cause of your problem along with their remedies.

Our Progeny Report will provide you the following information :

  • Basic analysis of your and your partner's horoscope.
  • Astrological details of both the partners.
  • Report about the houses concerned with Child Birth.
  • Analysis of the concerned Divisional Chart.
  • Report on the concerned Planets with their effects.
  • Special comments on your queries regarding Progeny.
  • Ideal periods of conception.
  • Recommendations based on Vedic Astrology, Numerology and Lal Kitab.


Please provide the following information about You and Your partner (which is necessary for preparing a horoscope) at the time of Checkout while booking for a Horoscope Analysis :

  • Your and Your Partner's Name
  • Your & Your Partner's Date of Birth ( ddmmyyyy format )
  • Your & Your Partner's Time of Birth ( please mention clearly AM or PM )
  • Your & Your Partner's Place of Birth ( City & Country of Birth )
  • Your Gender
  • Any additional Information


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