"Divine Rudraksha is a one stop destination for offering prayers to deities and serving brahmins. I have got done many pujas performed from there, and recently I came across a service for serving brahmins, which I found very useful and to get blessings of brahmins. I got notified of the exact date of serving the brahmins, and got some photos also after they have been fed. I am grateful for all the services received from Divine Rudraksha and thankful to all the priests for their blessings. "

26 Apr, 2024

"Namaste, I am writing here to share my experience about 1 Mukhi Rudraksha bought from Divine Rudraksha last month. The delivery was very fast and arrived quickly in just 5 days in a safe package. The communication with Divine Rudraksha was also very smooth and helpful. And about the 1 mukhi rudraksha, it is very beautiful as expected and I am getting very good results also. I am feeling calm and relaxed now, my mental stress and physical health is also getting improved nowadays. I am thankful to team Divine Rudraksha for fulfiling my order and answering all my queries patiently. Thank you. "

05 Apr, 2024

"I am thankful to Divine Rudraksha for performing Maha Rudrabhishek Puja for my family and I. I cannot express my gratitude in words, but genuinely their services are incredible. I am an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and it was my wish since past many days to get this puja done. Divine Rudraksha and their priests made it possible, and done this puja with full dedication and devotion in an extensive manner. They provide very genuine and authentic services. Om Namah Shivaya "

United States
23 Mar, 2024

"I am deeply thankful to Mr. Ramesh Khaitan for doing my marriage prospects report few months back. He has predicted that I will get marry during this year, but I was bit skeptical about it. However, suddenly from nowhere, I found my soulmate and my marriage got fixed. And finally, I am going to marry. I must say that Mr. Ramesh Khaitan is very knowledgeable and his predictions are accurate. I also got done few pujas performed as per his suggestions, and they have helped me finding my best match. Thank you once again Ramesh ji for your kind help and suggestions. Jai Bhole "

08 Mar, 2024

"Dear Ramesh, thank you for performing Santan Gopalam Puja for me. I am feeling very good since this puja was performed. I also checked with my doctor and she assured me that my baby's health is now good and I can travel safely to my mother's home. I am immensely thankful to your whole team and priests for doing this puja. I will surely do one more puja after delivery of my baby. Thank you once again for your kindness and dedicated puja services. "

19 Feb, 2024

"I got the Pitra Dosh Nivaran Pooja performed for me as per astrological suggestions provided by Mr. Khaitan, and I am very happy with the services received and the way the pooja got performed. All the brahmins have done very nice job with clear mantra reciting and rituals. Since I got this pooja done, my family relations are getting better and better day by day. In fact, there is less turmoil at home than in the past. I am very grateful for the services provided by Divine Rudraksha and their team, and will surely recommend it to my friends and family. Jai Balaji "

Chennai, India
03 Feb, 2024

"I am wearing Rudraksha Gem Bracelet for my zodiac sign Leo since past few months, and it is giving me so much strength and positivity. I am feeling more relaxed and strong than before, and it is all because of my zodiac sign stone and positive power of rudrakshas I feel. The quality of stone and rudrakshas is also very good, and I purchased few more for my family members according to their zodiac signs. I can't thank you enough for your kind support and authentic products. Thank you "

25 Jan, 2024

"Thank you Divine Rudraksha for sending marital bliss pendant so quickly. I am wearing it since past 7 days, and I am so happy to write here that it is very effective and beneficial. I am experiencing very positive results of it just in few days. I am getting close with my husband again and he seems quite interested in making our relation strong like before. I am genuinely happy with your services and correspondence. I wish your whole team all the best. "

10 Jan, 2024

"First of all, I am grateful for the 330 crores deity blessings prapti puja performed by Divine Rudraksha on behalf of my family and I. The priests did the puja very nicely as can be seen in the puja video sent by them. I felt so much positivity in my life after getting this puja done. I was waiting since so long to get my PR in another country, that I have applied quite before, and to my surprise, just after 1 month of this puja, I got my visa that too with my full family. I cant express how happy I am with the puja and prayers that Divine Rudraksha did for me. I am also thankful to all the priests and entire team of Divine Rudraksha for making this possible, and recommend their services also to my near and dear ones. "

22 Dec, 2023

"Thank you for sending the Lagan Yog Kavach so quickly. I am very happy with your services and speed of delivery. I actually started wearing it since last three days, and getting very positive results. My ex boyfriend approached me today, and it seems that he is quite interested in re-uniting. This kavach is really helping me finding my true love and soulmate. Hope I will find what I desire since so long. Thank you all for helping me. Om Namah Shivaya "

United States
13 Nov, 2023

"I am highly thankful to all the team members of Divine Rudraksha and their priests for performing Durga Chalisa Path and Puja for my family and I. We were constantly living in fear of evil eye and negative energies, but after getting this puja performed, we are feeling very light and relaxed. We started feeling positivity in my home just after completion of the puja. It is very effective and beneficial. I will surely get it done again for more peace and protection. "

20 Oct, 2023

"Thank you kindly for arranging shraadh paksh puja for my dearly father. I can't thank you enough, since I was unable to find any genuine priest here to perform these rituals, but I found you on the web, and very glad to subscribe your services. Your priests did the rituals perfectly, and I really believe that my father's soul find peace and happiness. I will surely recommend your services to my dear ones. "

11 Oct, 2023

"This black magic removal bracelet is such an amazing amulet for protection. I am wearing it since past many months, and getting very nice results. My fears, phobias and anxiety has been alleviated to a large extent, even I feel protected by some divine energies. I dont feel those negativity and evil energies now around me. I am greatly satisfied with this bracelet, and services of Divine Rudraksha and its team, they have been very nice during the buying and delivering process, they answered all my questions calmly. Its been a nice experience buying from this website. "

27 Sep, 2023

"I am very pleased to watch the Krishna Janmashtami Puja video, your priests did the puja very nicely with utmost care and dedication. I cant express in words that how I felt while seeing the paarna ritual, sankirtan and other rituals, it was excellent. I am highly grateful to your Team and priests who made this puja possible for me. May Lord Krishna bless you all with health and happiness. Jai Shri Krishna "

United Kingdom
08 Sep, 2023

"I bought 13 Mukhi Nepali Rudraksha from Divine Rudraksha.com last year, and I am getting very good results of it. A lot of people from my surrounding started liking me, and I made several new friends as well. My married life has also improved so far, and I am all thankful to Ramesh for guiding me and suggesting such a blissful Rudraksha bead. Also, I have got done many pujas performed from Divine Rudraksha, and I can surely say that it brings positive outcomes, just one has to be patient. Thank you. "

New Zealand
23 Aug, 2023

"I got Dashavtar Puja performed during Adhik Maas. The priests of Divine Rudraksha did all the rituals very nicely. My family and I have watched the video sent by them many times, and still we can connect ourselves with the mantras and divinity. I want to thank all the people at Divine Rudraksha who have arranged the puja, and all the priests who done it dedicatedly. I am glad that I was able to get blessings of Lord Vishnu in this auspicious month through divine rudraksha. I am eagerly waiting for the puja prasadam now. "

Sudhakar Rao
Mumbai, India
04 Aug, 2023

"Thank you Divine Rudraksha for a powerful sampurna vastu yantra. I received it safely with proper packaging last week. The yantra is so energetic that on the same very day of hanging it, my mother felt sudden improvement in her health. She could not walk for past many months, due to surgery in her left leg. But I am very thankful to you and your team for sending energized yantra, because of which my mother is feeling extreme relief. I can also sense some type of positivity at my home, and very happy with it. Thank you. "

20 Jul, 2023

"Dear Divine Rudraksha, thank you for performing vidhya prapti puja for my beloved son. All the priests did wonderful. I am very happy with your services and puja performance. My son has started concentrating on his studies now, and I am hopeful that he will be on track soon. I just want his higher education completed without any obstacles. Thank you again for all your help and guidance. "

07 Jul, 2023

"Namaste Ramesh ji. Thank you, I received the navgraha rudraksha kavacham last week, and started wearing it on the same day. After wearing for 2-3 days, I realized that it is giving me amazing results. I am feeling peace and happiness in my dwelling. My mind is not overthinking now thankfully, and I am utilizing my energy into productive things. I am very grateful for your advice of wearing the navgraha kavacham. Will surely take benefit of your services in future as well. Om Namah Shivaya "

United States
23 Jun, 2023

"Thank you to Divine Rudraksha priests for observing Ekadashi fast on my behalf. I appreciate all your efforts and also the short video. It was my bestest experience to see the priests performing all the rituals and mantras for me. I felt so divine and touched. It gave me peace of mind and extreme relaxation. I am thankful to all your team members and priests. "

02 Jun, 2023

"I love the way you conducted the Lakshmi Kuber puja for me and my family. It was pleasure watching the puja video. The priests did very nice job, I don’t have words to say thank you to all of them. May you guys continue serving to mankind for years to come. Thank you. "

29 May, 2023

"Thank you for delivering the 10 Mukhi Rudraksha very quickly through Fedex courier. I am very happy with the packaging and services. I also like the customized pendant design that you made for me. I already started wearing the rudraksha as per printed instructions, and feeling very divine aura around me. Thank you for all your help and understanding. "

08 May, 2023

"I got the sarva karya siddhi puja performed few months back for getting success in my new venture. Surprisingly I am getting very good results of this puja yagya, and wish to get it done once in a year for overcoming obstacles. The pandits did my puja very nicely and I am fully satisfied with the services of Divine Rudraksha. "

26 Apr, 2023

"Hi Ramesh, thank you for performing parivarik grah klesh nivaran puja for us. Thank you to all the pandits as well for conducting the puja nicely. I feel very positive aura in my house since this puja has been performed, and I pray and have faith in God that he will make all things correct in my family soon. I will get some more pujas in near future to keep peace and prosperity in our family. God bless you all at Divine Rudraksha. "

United Kingdom
17 Apr, 2023

"Dear Divine Rudraksha, Om Namah Shivaya ! I received my customized rudraksha kavacham yesterday. It is beautiful and divine indeed. I really like the design of the kavacham. The rudrakshas are very powerful that I can feel the positive energies coming out of it. I have already started wearing it from today morning itself, and it is awesome. I am feeling extremely relaxed and energetic. Thank you to Ramesh for recommending me these rudrakshas, and all at Divine Rudraksha for providing such wonderful services. Namaste. "

27 Mar, 2023

"I am wearing the Mohini/Kaamdev rudraksha bracelet since past few months, and getting very good results of it. Its awesome and amazing. I am also very happy with the services of Divine Rudraksha, the delivery was fast and communication with them was very swift and satisfactory. I would surely recommend their services to my near and dear ones. "

14 Mar, 2023

"Namaste, I am so happy with the Rudrabhisheka Pooja performed by Divine Rudraksha. I feel so blessed and peaceful by seeing the video. The pandits did very nicely with full dedication. The services and response from Divine Rudraksha is also great, reaching them for any concern is so easy and convenient. I will surely recommend their services. "

20 Feb, 2023

"Dear Team Divine Rudraksha, thank you for sending me very nice piece of 14 mukhi nepali rudraksha. I wanted to buy it from very long times but could not, but finally I got one and that too in reasonable price and with good quality and size. I am very happy to get one and started wearing the same from this monday. I am feeling very nice and I also feel that my instincts have become stronger and clearer. It is indeed helping me in my career. Thank you so much for your kind services. "

09 Feb, 2023

"Dear Divine Rudraksha, I am very grateful for the wonderful setup you created for both of the pujas I ordered for myself: Shani shanti and Makar Sankranti. Everything happened as described in your webpage. Being from the States I did not know anything about your company but after reading everything I decided that you were the best fit for me and my needs. Everything went as planned and the videos shows the wonderful dedication given to my pujas. I am very grateful To you and will continue to use you for future needs. I highly recommend Divine Rudraksha! Best wishes "

United States
17 Jan, 2023

"Thank you Divine Rudraksha for performing the Subh Labh Pooja for my family and I. I am so happy to watch the video, the pandits have done the puja so dedicatedly. I am already feeling so great and positive and quite sure that it will bring more positivity and auspiciousness to my life. I already started wearing the rudraksha, mala and mouli received as prasadam, and rest of the things are in my puja mandir. I hope this is okay. Om Namaha Shivaya "

Delhi, India
05 Jan, 2023

"I have ordered few yantras from Divine Rudraksha for peace, prosperity and increment in my business. I have kept them in my work place and they are giving wonderful results. I got answers of all my queries quickly and with thorough explanation. I will recommend their services to all for sure. Namaste "

27 Dec, 2022

"I am very happy with the services of divine-rudraksha.com. I ordered a shiv shakti wrist band and it arrived safely in due time. They also send notification about the dispatch, delivery etc which is very helpful to keep someone at home on the day of delivery. Apart from this, the shiv shakti rudraksha wrist band is superb and can fit to any size of wrist as it is adjustable. The beads are also smaller in size which is best part of this bracelet, since it does not pinch on the skin but giving a soothing and peaceful effect. I would give 5 stars for the services and the effects of the wrist band. "

14 Dec, 2022

"I purchased an 8 face Rudraksh Mala two months back. It arrived very speedily and they have also energized the mala for me to wear. Everything was just perfect and divine, specially the effects of this rahu mala is fantastic. Before wearing the mala, I was going through very tough time emotionally, and in just few days after wearing it, I recuperated from my past memories and feeling a new me mentally. It is just amazing and worth. I am thankful to Divine Rudraksha for selling genuine and real rudrakshas and malas. "

19 Nov, 2022

"Divine Rudraksha's services are awesome and trust worthy. I have got done many pujas and they have performed it very well with proper rituals. Sometimes I actually felt like I am present in the puja. Their services of brahman bhojan and food for poor people is also very appreciative. God Bless you all at Divine Rudraksha. "

New Zealand
04 Nov, 2022

"The services and response of Divine Rudraksha is really very good. I got answers of all my queries and they also helped me find the best suited rudraksha for myself. The rudraksha package arrived so quickly through fedex, and I'm very happy with my customized Rudraksha Kavacham. I feel relaxed and mentally strong after wearing it. I am very thankful to all the people at Divine Rudraksha and Mr Ramesh for helping me out. "

21 Oct, 2022

"Thank you Ramesh for the deep insights of my horoscope. I am touched by your observations, they are truly correct to my situation at present. I will surely follow your suggestions, and in fact already started reciting the mantras. Please accept my thanks and gratitude. "

United States
10 Oct, 2022

"Very happy to watch the puja video. All is good and upto my satisfaction. I am thankful to you for arranging the maa durga puja during navratrii festival, and conducting it very nicely. I have full faith in maa durga and hopeful that she will bless my family and me. Thank you for all your help and support. "

26 Sep, 2022

"Thank you Divine rudraksha for conducting brahmins bhojan in memory of my mother. I am very happy that you are offering such services, which are quite impossible to do here. I appreciate all your efforts, and dedication. The food offered to priests also seems very good and hygienic, and I am satisfied that I have found you. I will surely contact you for offering more to brahmins and poor people. Om Namah Shivaya ! "

United Kingdom
12 Sep, 2022

"Namaste ! I have received the beautiful bracelet safely yesterday. I will follow your instructions and start wearing the rudraksha gem virgo bracelet from today itself, and establish the yantras next week. I am quite hopeful that I will get beneficial results, as I started feeling the positivity around me. Thank you for your kind guidance and support. Jai Mata Di "

United Arab Emirates
22 Aug, 2022

"I am very thankful to all your priests and your entire team for conducting the shraavan monday pooja for my family and me. It was so wonderful to watch the puja being performed, I feel blessed. You have done the work so dedicatedly and sincerely. Thank you so very much again. God Bless you all. "

03 Aug, 2022

"Namaste, Thank you for sharing the video. I have no words, its just wonderful. The pandits are doing their job very sincerely and dedicatedly. I wanted to do it personally but no such services are available here, and I booked the bilva leaves archana on your website, and was little bit hesitating to book it to be honest, as I have never done any online puja before. But now I am satisfied and quite confident to book more pujas with your organization in future. God bless you all. "

17 Jul, 2022

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful superfast service. I received my ordered rudraksha and tulsi malas in a perfect condition. The focal reason to purchase these was to gift the malas to my dear ones, but after taking it in my hands, I want to buy specific rudrakshas for me also, as it is very powerful and pious. Thank you again for your time and support. "

06 Jul, 2022

"Hello Team Divine Rudraksha, I received my ordered rudrakshas last morning. They look beautiful and divine, and I have already started wearing my ones from today itself. I will give the other rudrakshas to my family members today, and I believe they will also like it. Thank you also for so carefully stringing all the rudrakshas individually. I will order more from you soon. I really appreciate all your efforts and dedication. Have a nice day ! "

15 Jun, 2022

"Namaste Ramesh, thank you for performing the Shani Jayanti Puja for me. The video is very beautiful and divine, especially the Abhishekam of Lord Saturn with oil. I would not be able to do it here, and don't know the rituals as well, but because of you, I was able to pray to Lord Saturn through your pandits. I am facing the ill effects of Saturn Sade Sati at present, and quite hopeful that this puja will definitely help me. My sincere bow to all your pandits who have performed the puja. Good day to all of you ! "

United States
01 Jun, 2022

"Jai Shiv Shambhu ! Thank you for performing the sarva rog nashak puja for my grandmother on such a short notice. By God's grace, she is out of danger and recuperating. I want to thank all your pandits who have performed the puja with so much dedication and faith. I have ordered for Brahmin Bhoj as well, and want you to feed the pandits who have performed the puja on my grandmother's behalf, as a gesture of thanks. I will surely recommend your services to my family and friends, as your services are doing very good work. Keep it up and God bless you all. "

Bangalore, India
25 May, 2022

"Good morning all, and thank you for asking. Yes, I received my ordered shiva shakti mala yesterday. It reached so fast, all thanks to you. I really liked the mala, it is very energetic and auspicious. I can feel the positive energies in it. Thank you for the printed instructions as well, it is very helpful. I am quite sure that it will help me relieve my anxiety and fears. Thank you so very much again for your support and guidance. "

19 May, 2022

"Hello and Namaste, I would like to share my experience here. I got the Navagrah Shanti Puja performed from Divine Rudraksha, and their pandits did the puja with utmost dedication and care. They sent me a short video of the puja as well, which I appreciate the most. It shows their genuineness and trueness towards the work they do. I got timely notifications also for accomplition of every task, like puja schedule, performance, shipping of prasadam etc. Overall, one can trust them for seeking the blessings of gods and goddesses. "

New Zealand
22 Apr, 2022

"Thank you Team Divine Rudraksha, I received the Tiger Eye and Tourmaline charm bracelet yesterday safely. The packing was very strong I must say. The charm bracelet also looks very beautiful and energetic, and I am thinking to wear it from Today itself. I hope to get positive results from it. God Bless you. "

13 Apr, 2022

"Thank you for performing the Durga Sahastranaam Path and Puja for me and my family. Please pass my pranams to all your pandits who have performed the path and puja. I really appreciate your hard work and dedication. Everything is so perfect and nice. I have also heard the Durga Sahastranaam recitation done by one of your priests, and it gave utter serenity and calmness to my mind. I bow to Maa Durga and seek her blessings, and pray for health and happiness of all the creatures and humans on this earth. Jai Maa Durga and God bless you all. "

24 Mar, 2022

"Om Namaha Shivaya ! Good morning Dear All at Divine Rudraksha, I received my package of yantras from Fedex last week, however I could not open it before. I have just opened the blessings yesterday evening, and it gave me so much positivity, especially the shri meru yantra is so beautiful and powerful as well. I didn't imagine that the yantras have immense power and energy. I can feel it whenever I take it in my hand. I am very positive that it will definitely help me in reducing my problems. I will definitely recommend your services to all my near and dear ones. Thank you for all you have done. "

10 Mar, 2022

"Namaste to you all at Divine Rudraksha and all the Brahmins. I want to share my happiness with you all, as you have done tremendous work by suggesting and performing the pujas for me. Finally after getting performed the Maa Katyayani Puja and Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja, I have met someone of my interest, and our families are also happy with it. I can't explain in words that how happy I am. I will soon contact Ramesh ji to see our match making, and give us suggestions for our marriage, and to eliminate any obstacles from it, and also for our happy married life. Please pass my thanks and pranams to all the brahmins and guruji as well, who have performed the pujas for me very dedicatedly. God bless you all. "

United Kingdom
24 Feb, 2022

"Thank you for doing the Vidhya Prapti Puja for my daughter. After the puja, she is doing pretty good in her studies than earlier. Her concentration and grasping power has definitely increased. I was very stressed about her education, as she was not at all interested in studies. She is becoming positive now, because of your prayers. Please accept my heartfelt thanks, and convey the same to all the brahmins and Guruji, for doing this puja for me so well. Om Namah Shivaya "

08 Feb, 2022

"I would like to give my feedback about an extremely powerful and beneficial puja service provided by Divine Rudraksha, which is 330 million deities puja. At first, I didn't believe that we can praise all the Gods and Goddesses through one single puja, but when my puja got performed and I watched the video, I literally felt the divine energies, which made me more courageous and self-confident. Since performance of the puja, everything good is happening in my life, which is nothing but miracle. Thanking all the pandits and team divine rudraksha for making this happen. God Bless you all. "

25 Jan, 2022

"Namaste, a big thank you for everything. Received my rudrakshas last morning, packed beautifully in a box. I am also very happy to receive your complimentary gift of rudraksha bracelet, which fits to my wrist correctly. I wanted to order it but somehow missed, yet surprisingly you guys have sent it as a gift. I already started wearing the rudrakshas and bracelet, and feeling so divine. Om Namah Shivaya ! "

United States
04 Jan, 2022

"I am very grateful to Ramesh for providing me his valuable guidance and suggestions. After doing all the remedial measures, I feel that now my life is on track. I am continuously reciting the mantras he suggested since past few months, and feeling immense relief. Also got done necessary pujas, and wearing the rudraksh kavach as well for added relief. I have contacted many astrologers in the past, but never got such guidance. Thank you Ramesh, your team and brahmins for doing great work for me. "

17 Dec, 2021

"I am from Italy, and I don't know much about Indian customs and rituals, but I have faith in it. I remember exactly, I was surfing on the net, and came across Divine Rudraksha Puja services once. Since I like to know about various customs and rituals of different countries from childhood, I started reading Divine Rudraksha's articles and about various deities. I have also viewed many of the videos of them, and decided to get a small puja performed. Therefore, I ordered for a sunderkaand paath, and well received the detailed schedule of the puja, and surprisingly the services they offer is awesome. When I watched the video of this path, I hardly understood the chantings and language, but I felt positive energies in me, I felt extreme peace and relaxation. Even the pandits who were performing the puja, were so enthusiastic, they were also playing traditional instruments while chanting, it was all so energetic and blessed. I am greatly thankful to all the priests and Team Divine Rudrasksha for providing such spiritual services. I feel blessed. Thank you. "

24 Nov, 2021

"Thank you for asking, received it safely and swiftly. The Surya power rudraksha bracelet looks very beautiful and divine, I am already feeling the energies while keeping it in my hands. I am very impressed with your services, and already told about it to my near and dear ones. In fact, one of my cousins has asked you for astrological guidance also. I hope to get benefitted from your services in future as well. Take care all of you, and continue serving people with the same genuineness. Jai Maa Durga ! "

Juhi Singh
11 Nov, 2021

"I am born on the second day of Nawratten. This has influenced my whole life.I have been doing Maa Durga bhakti since I was 17 years of old. After reading several translated texts from the Veda ‘s on the internet, I was looking for qualified Brahman Priest to do some Puja for me. According to the Veda ‘s ,the Pujas are never complete until it is done by Brahman Priest. I had some other instances, also in India to do the Puja ‘ s, but somehow I was not satisfied. And not to mention, that they were very expensive. A simple Durga Puja for 2 hours cost me about 600 Euro ‘s. So I kept looking , and came across DIVINE RURAKSHA. I have a strong believe that Maa has brought me to this organization. They have done several Puja ‘s for me . Very excellent, and always in time. They keep their promises, and doing it all for affordable prices. I have an basic income and a small pension, So I am not able to pay high prices for the puja ‘s . To me, they are necessary , and Divine Rudraksha is giving the opportunity to do the Puja ‘s in a very comfortable environment. The latest Puja, they have done for me was Durga Puja for the nine days . It was done excellent, and the day I got the e_mail, that the Puja was done, I had a vey happy feeling the whole day. "

Koemarsing Manniesing
Amsterdam, Netherlands
17 Oct, 2021

"Namaste Ramesh ji, I hope you are well. I am just writing to let you know that I had installed a sampurna vaastu yantra in my home last year on your suggestion, and things have improved drastically. I am experiencing immense peace at my home than ever before, and also getting married next year, with a partner of my interest. My parents are happy as well, with my decision, and I am extremely thankful to you for your valuable recommendations, which helped me making my life better. I am also reciting the mantras regularly, and I also find them much helpful in relieving my stress. I have booked a Navgrah Puja as well for our happiness. "

29 Sep, 2021

"Hi, my name is Shontel, and I purchased a Fitness Rudraksha Kavach from Divine Rudraksha few months ago. I want to share my experience here, so that others can also get help from such spiritual products. I was suffering from severe nerve compression in my lower back, since past many years. I have done many therapies for it and tried everything, but the pain was on and off over certain times, which had detrimental effects on my mind. I am also facing high blood sugar, and both these issues together was a nightmare for me. Suddenly on one day, while scrolling through Google, I came across with Divine Rudraksha website, and after going through their products, I ordered Fitness Kavach and started wearing it continuously, with utmost faith on Almighty. Now I am seeing the effects gradually, which is miracle for me. Thank you. "

Shontel Williams
10 Sep, 2021

"Hello, I just watched the video and very happy with the way you performed it. I must say that I have never seen such wonderful arrangements before. I am an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna, but in this covid period it is quite difficult to go to Krishna ji temple here, particularly on Krishna Janmashtami. However, I never thought that I would get these kind of services online. I literally felt that I am there, when pandits were swinging the little Krishna ji cradle and reciting the mantras. I have seen the video thrice till now, and every time I felt that Krishna ji is showering his blessings on me. I have no words, but just thank you, thank you to your entire team, pandits and guruji for these blessings. Now, I am eagerly waiting for the prasadam. Thank you. "

United Kingdom
31 Aug, 2021

"Thank you for such a nice arrangements on short notice, my family and I are very happy that you fed the brahmins on our behalf so gracefully. Seeing your dedication and services, I would definitely like to get more services from you in near future. I've already recommended you to my relatives, since here it is very difficult to get genuine pandits for these services, especially on such occasions. "

14 Aug, 2021

"Dear Divine Team, Yes, I received the shiva shakti bracelet yesterday, thank you for asking, and also for your timely services and recommendations. Please convey my thanks to your guruji for doing puja on my bracelet, which I can feel while taking it in my hands. It has immense powers and positivity. I will keep informing you about my experience. "

27 Jul, 2021

"Good morning, received the Rudrakshas well. It looks very nice, like I wanted, and thank you for adding the shukra yantra locket as well to my rudrakshas. I also liked the complimentary gift of rudraksha crystal bracelet, which I started wearing from today itself. I can't express my gratitude in words for guiding me. I also wish you all a very happy and safe stay. "

07 Jul, 2021

"Thank you all. Highly obliged and thankful for your wonderful services. Just thrilled to watch such a pious pooja ceremony and bow to almighty for his blessings. I will surely recommend your services to my near and dear ones. And will continue taking benefits of your services in future as well. God bless you team divine rudraksha. "

United States
26 Jun, 2021

"Hello all, thank you for performing the Angarak Dosh Pooja for me, the video clip is itself an evidence of your genuine services and the rituals you perform with utmost dedication. Someone suggested me to get this pooja performed for betterment of my health and anger issues, but I was very reluctant and did not believe that it will improve my condition. However, on insistence of my mother, I booked it on your website. But after seeing the rituals and listening the mantra chants, a ray of hope ignited in me and incidentally, I started feeling relaxed. Even I did not react on my neighbor's irritated behaviour yesterday, which is a miracle for me. I am pretty sure that God Almighty will improve my health condition as well very soon. I have ordered a horoscope analysis also and curiously waiting to see your readings and remedies. Please also convey my heartfelt gratitude to your brahmins and guruji. "

United Kingdom
16 Jun, 2021

"Hello Ramesh, hope you are in best of your health. I am writing to express my gratitude towards your invaluable services. I bought a shiva shakti mala with sandalwood beads few months back and since then, everything is going smooth in my life without any worries and obstacles. The day I started wearing the mala for few hours, I felt extreme positive energies that I had not expected. But slowly and gradually, I got accustomed with the immense powers of it. For suggesting me such wonderful mala, I am deeply thankful to you. And also to guruji who have done rituals on it. God bless you all and your business may flourish forever. Thank you. "

Shakira Riley
United States
29 May, 2021

"Thank you for asking, I received the Rudrakshas yesterday in very well condition. The rudraksha pendant is indeed very beautiful and gave soothing effect to my mind as soon as I opened it. I am very happy to receive the complimentary yantra as well, for which I am grateful. I appreciate your rapid services and would certainly like to order more from you. Please ask Guruji to accept my humble thanks for energizing my rudrakshas in a proper ritualistic way. Hope to see you guys soon. Sincerely, Alper. "

13 May, 2021

"Thank you for sending the video. It is very beautiful and provides serenity. I watched it thrice since yesterday, as the mantra recitation is giving my mind relaxation. I humbly thanking to guruji and his team of brahmins for doing the fast and katha on my behalf. I am an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu since I visited the vishnu temple and lived at ashram in India 5 years back, and that's why I want to offer my prayers to Vishnu God on every Ekadashi without any obstacles. But my health doesn't permit me to keep the fast at this age. However, your kind services have given me a chance to do so and I would love to get every ekdashi puja done from you on my behalf. I will soon order one for next month. "

Mr Hagberg
16 Apr, 2021

"Hello Ramesh, thank you for your kind suggestions and valuable guidance. I just started doing the shani dev japas from yesterday. Moreover, it is just to inform you that I am wearing the 14 face rudraksha daily which I purchased from you two months back, and feeling very relaxed after wearing it. I am already feeling much relief from the bad effects of shani sade sati period, as my health is quite better than before. I am also thinking to get a navgraha ceremony done from you later this month. Thank you again to you and to your entire team divine rudraksha. Best wishes "

07 Apr, 2021

"Namaste, thank you all for performing the bhagwat katha for me and my family. We are highly grateful to all your brahmins and team divine rudraksha for doing such wonderful task. We have seen the video and truly appreciate your efforts and hard work in making the path and pooja successful. My husband and I can feel the positive vibes, which entered our body by watching the short video and very hopeful that this pooja will bring good fortune and inner peace in our lives. Looking forward to the prasadam. Thank you again. "

Isha Dev
South Africa
29 Mar, 2021

"Dear Guruji, thank you for energizing and sending the taurus gem pendant speedily. I never thought that it will be so beautifully hand-crafted. But after opening the package, I am truly in love with the design and finish. I am highly thankful to your prestigious website and services, and would definitely like to order in future and also recommend to my friends. Om Namah Shivaya.. "

New Zealand
19 Mar, 2021

"Jai mata di! Thank you I have received the 9 mukhi rudraksh and it looks great, I will start wearing it from Monday according to the papers that you have sent to me. Also thank you for the “JAI MATA DI” bracelet I appreciate it, I was wanting to get a bracelet like that for a very long time but I couldn’t find one anywhere. I hope your divine rudraksha business proceeds to further success and I hope that the blessings of the divine god “ma Durga” shower her blessings on the business. Once again thank you! Sincerely, Reznick "

12 Feb, 2021

"Jai Bholenath, Good morning Team Divine Rudraksha, please accept my heartiest thanks for doing the cow service on my behalf. We were not able to find such services anywhere here but very happy to get it from you. You guys are doing tremendous efforts in serving people all across the globe. May God bless you with all the happiness and prosperity. "

Hitendra P
United States
22 Jan, 2021

"Received the yantras on time in very good condition. I was badly in need of them, as my business is getting constantly down and down. But thanks to your kind services, I found the yantras fit to my problems. I have placed few of them in my office as well and followed the instructions related to them. I am very hopeful that God Almighty will fulfil my wishes. God bless you all. Will definitely order more things in future. "

09 Jan, 2021

"Namaste Team Divine Rudraksha, Thank you for performing the Solah Somvar Vrat Katha and Pooja for me, I received the prasadam as well yesterday, which was packed very nicely and carefully. Please convey my thanks to your team of pandits and Guruji as well, they did very well arrangements, in fact i was able to hear the mantras very clearly. I am very happy with your services and genuineness, will surely recommend to my loved ones. And quite hopeful that Lord Shivaa will bless me with good and loving partner. Om Namah Shivayaa ! "

17 Dec, 2020

"Dear Ramesh ji, I am elated to write my feedback and hope it will help others to avail your honest services and guidance. I had purchased your suggested rudrakshas few months back for me and my two daughters. We are regularly wearing it and getting amazing results and energy. Our mental peace has restored, for which I am thankful to you. My daughters are also living their life happily and I am very contented now. Also, want your suggestion for puja which can make our lives joyous forever. Thank you again for your kindness. My blessings are with you and your team. Have happiest days ahead ! "

Sean Walsh
02 Dec, 2020

"Thank you for the video. I really enjoyed the beautiful preparations and the puja was done beautifully also. I wished I could have been there in person but I am thankful for the video. I look forward to booking more pujas in the future with divine Rudraksha team. "

12 Nov, 2020

"Dear Team Divine Rudraksha, Your are correct, the rudraksha was delivered to me early this morning. I want to thank you for your prompt and efficient service and excellent communication. I am really delighted with the rudraksh and the information which you have supplied me to assist in my understanding of the bead and how to wear it and keep it in good order. Also thank you so much for the complimentary gift. I look forward to many years of careful use of the pendant and am hopeful for its benefits to my life. Wishing you all joy and health throughout, My kind regards. "

United Kingdom
11 Nov, 2020

"Hello Everyone, Namaste. I wish to inform that with the blessings of Maa Katyayani, I came across to the person of my interest few months back and now, we are planning to get marry next year. You guys have helped me a lot with rudrakshas and pujas for finding a right match, for which I am extremely thankful. Moreover, I would like you to suggest a puja for me and my partner, so that we can live together happily. Thank you again. Have a Nice day. "

Selva Kumar
23 Oct, 2020

"Good morning Ramesh and Divine Team, I am writing to inform you that I am getting relief from health issues. I have suffered a lot in the past few years from back ache, knee aches and other ailments but I am very thankful to you for suggesting the navagrah rudraksha pendant. I am wearing it everyday since last two months and also doing the mantras in the morning that you have given me. I can feel the change in my health, which would not be possible without the divine intervention and your support. I wish more and more people would be benefitted from your kind and generous suggestions and remedies. God bless you and all your team for helping people. Thank you, Rosalind "

12 Oct, 2020

"Namaste Ramesh, thanks for sharing the video of satya narayana kathaa. Have seen it and appreciate all the pandits and Guruji for their efforts. To be very honest, I was very apprehensive while placing an order online for prayers but you guys have surprised me with your kind services. I got notified each time, from beginning of the order till the arrival of prayer blessings and I am extremely thankful for it. I would surely avail your amazing services in future as well. With Best wishes "

25 Sep, 2020

"Dear Team, Thank you for the rapid delivery and amazing services. All spiritual items came after energization, for which I am highly grateful. I already started wearing a few of them and have felt positivity in me, and believe that it will bring something good in my life. I would like to purchase more from you, since your products are genuine and your services are worth appreciation. Thank you again to all your team. Have a nice day "

09 Sep, 2020

"Thank you for sharing the pictures of brahmins bhoj. I am highly thankful to you for providing such services and arranging the same so efficiently. I felt so blessed seeing the brahmins having food and thinking to serve the brahmins through your services every month so that I can get their blessings regularly. Thank you. Aum Namah Shivaya. "

23 Aug, 2020

"yes, received the shiva shakti mala packed in a very beautiful red box, it was wrapped so carefully which shows your efforts for customer satisfaction. The mala looks and feels much more powerful than I imagined. All the instructions were mentioned clearly. Also thank you for the gift of surya which I have hanged in my office, I hope it is okay for protection. Thank you divine rudraksha team for your amazing services. "

United States
12 Aug, 2020

"Om Namah Shivaay Ramesh ! received the shiva puja prasadam stuff yesterday morning, it was packed so beautifully. Your services are excellent, received notifications at every step right from ordering, puja date time everything. also thankful for the short video, it was so soothing, felt positivity and protective aura all around. I have also recommended your services to a few of my friends. Thank you again to you and your whole team of brahmins. "

United Kingdom
17 Jul, 2020

"Hello, Yes I received the package with everything in it. Thank you all very much, I also am grateful for the complimentary Mahamrityunjaya Yantra. This will be a great addition for my parents health. It was great to shop from you guys! Blessings to your company and keep safe during these times. Regards "

Ms. Navita
06 Jun, 2020

"Dear Team Devine Rudraksha, I have received the consignment today - 03.06.2020. Thanks for the delivery confirmation mail. My preliminary ratings : On Time Delivery - 5/5, Packaging - 5/5, Caring for Customer - 5/5, Clear Communication to Customer ( regarding true status of Order) - 5/5. Thank you again for your superb support during my 1st purchase. I will be my pleasure to promote your site to my friends and relatives for any future purchases. Have a nice day ahead ! "

Mr. Jyotiraditya
03 Jun, 2020

"Hello Team Rudraksha, thank you for the blessings and conducting the shani dev puja for me. I feel so blessed after getting this puja performed. I can feel new energy and positivity in me now. I am very much confident that this puja will help me overcome my obstacles and problems. Namaste to Guruji, Brahmins who have performed the puja and to you all who are providing the wonderful services. Jai maa durga "

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
25 May, 2020

"Hello Ramesh, thank you for sharing the video of Akshay Tritiyaa Pooja, really happy to see the brahmins performing the pooja for me. Convey my thanks to your brahmins and Guruji for doing it in such a difficult situation. Thank you so much for everything Ramesh. I will get more pujas performed once everything goes normal. with Love and Blessings "

28 Apr, 2020

"Namaste Ramesh, thank you for performing the mrityunjay pooja and homa on very short notice. I am feeling much better than before now by almighty shiva's blessings. I have also started reciting the mantras that you have suggested me and can feel the positivity all around, my body aches are almost getting cured. Thank you so much for everything. Om namaha shivayaa "

Mrs. Swenson
27 Mar, 2020

"I have ordered many things from Divine Rudraksha and always received everything very quickly and great communication and support from the staff. Love all the little gifts they send you with each order. This is a very good company to order rudraksha beads from. Very high quality items and expert support. Thank you to everyone, priests, and Guru-ji very much for your help. Blessings to you all! "

Leea ji
Asheville, United States
22 Feb, 2020

"Hello Team Divine Rudraksha, Om Namah Shivaya ! very delighted to see the video of Rudra Puja and highly obliged to all your respected Brahmins, Guruji and your Team for giving me such wonderful blessings. Now looking forward for the prasadam. And will definitely order more pujas to my family in near future. Blessings and Love "

Bangalore, India
13 Feb, 2020

"Namaste Ramesh ji, we recieved our rudraksha last monday perfect day and started wearing immediately. 13 mukhi rudraksha that i am wearing on my left hand has already started giving me desired affects i feel my partner getting closer as you said it is very powerful. I feel very relaxed now, this rudraksha seems very powerful effects i felt were within 24hours thank you so much for your services and i will advice my friends to order from your site.. Aum namah shivai "

Ms. Tina
New Zealand
30 Jan, 2020

"I have get many pujas performed and purchased many other things as well from Divine Rudraksha since past 3 years and highly satisfied with your services and the care you take in every step. I have well received each and every notification from yours from order received till it is delivered to me. I am very happy and satisfied with your services and have recommended your site and services to my near and dear ones as well who have also got benefitted from the pujas and rudrakshas. Thank you very much to Guruji and Brahmins and thank you to you also and team divine rudraksha. Have a good day ahead ! "

Poonooswammy ji
17 Jan, 2020

"These are Highlights of Online Akhand Ramayana Path performed in the month of October 2018 for one of the clients of Divine Rudraksha. Shri Ramcharitmanas also well-known as Shri Ramayana is an epic written by great poet Tulsidas who was also known as Goswami Tulsidas. Shri Ram Charit Manas is a great Epic which depicts the Life of Lord Rama who was the 7th incarnation of Lord Vishnu (Supreme God in Hinduism). Akhand Ramayana Path should be performed for prevention from unknown and unexpected harms and dangers especially regarding the health and for providing Peace, Prosperity & Happiness in the family. To get the Akhand Ramayana Path performed, please click https://www.divine-rudraksha.com/products/akhand-ramayana-shri-ramcharitmanas-path "

27 Dec, 2019

"Dear Ramesh and all dear priest and helpers! All my mails arrived today. In the box was the package with the Rudraksha necklace!!! Oh such inspiring and lovely Rudrakshas. I’m so impressed with the collection you selected. I love them so much. Thank you dearly with all my heart for the care and preparation spent in selecting and blessing these special seeds. I am deeply touched. Thank you Namaste And thank you for the audio of beej sounds! "

United States
12 Dec, 2019

"It is really a wonderful experience work with DIVINE-RUDRAKSHA, very satisfactory and peaceful experience,regarding their puja service in a word amazing,they are honestly committed for the client, i will refer my friends,relatives, everybody. thanks once again for your awesome service and very helpful products. "

Mr. Nandy
30 Nov, 2019

"These are Highlights of Online Kaam Dev Rati Puja performed on 24th of August 2018 for one of the clients of Divine Rudraksha. Kaamdev Rati Puja should be performed for a Happy Marital Life. This Puja improves relations between the Life Partners and brings Love & Affection in their Married Life. Lord Kaamdev and Goddess Rati are the Gods who bestow Love and Affection in our lives. They are also known as Gods of Love. For bringing Love and Happiness in Marital Life, a Puja should be performed to appease these Gods of Love and Affection. To get the Kaamdev Rati Pooja performed, please click https://www.divine-rudraksha.com/products/kaam-dev-rati-puja "

Hong Kong
18 Oct, 2019

"Hello everyone, thank you for the wishes. Its always been great to order with you. I am wearing the 1-14 face shiv shakti rudraksha mala since quite long time and seen great results and drastic change in my life. All my problems and worries have gone gradually, now I just want someone in my life, someone who loves me truly and be with me like a shadow. Kindly suggest a pooja or homa so that someone can enter my life happily. Thank you so much for your help. "

United Kingdom
11 Oct, 2019

"These are Highlights of Online Daily Subscription Puja for one of the clients of Divine Rudraksha. Subscribing to a Puja on a daily basis for you is an ultimate spiritual reward that you can gift to yourself. It is the most ideal way to make your life easier and more successful by reducing the negative effects of malefic planets and providing strength to beneficial planets of your horoscope including the transiting planets. To get the Daily Subscription Pooja performed, please click https://www.divine-rudraksha.com/products/daily-subscription-puja "

26 Sep, 2019

"Thank you to your team of Priests for performing the Navgraha Shanti Puja for me and my family. We all are very happy to see the short video recording of puja. We are facing a lot of issues from all the possible areas, my wife lost the job last year and suddenly after that, my father passed away. We are under heavy financial crisis and prayed heartily for some relief and God blessed us through you. My wife got an appointment call from very reputed company on the day of puja itself and will join them from next week. Please suggest a puja for my wife so that she can work happily there without any fear. We want to get this puja performed on the day of her joining itself so that she can get some positive effects. Thank you for your support Ramesh ji "

14 Sep, 2019

"Thank you for the fast delivery. Received the Meru Shri Yantra on Thursday. It is in very beautiful packing with mantra, lotus mala and the red yellow cloth. I am very happy with it and established it in my puja temple on friday as you can see in the image attached. I have done all the necessary rituals as mentioned in the instructions and will do the devi lakshmi mantra also every friday to please her. Please let me know if I need to do anything else. Om Namaha Shivaya "

23 Aug, 2019

"These are Highlights of Online Devi Saraswati Puja performed on 16th of August 2018 for one of the clients of Divine Rudraksha. Goddess Saraswati is the wife (consort) of Lord Brahma and bears the powers of speech, wisdom and learning. She has four hands representing four facets of human personality in learning; mind, intellect, alertness and ego. Saraswati Devi is governor of education, intelligence and speech. By performing this Homam, one will be blessed with success in the examinations, will have better concentration in education, will retain and remember whatever he or she reads instead of forgetting. To get the Saraswati Pooja performed, please click https://www.divine-rudraksha.com/products/goddess-saraswati-puja "

United States
17 Jul, 2019

"Yes, received the package yesterday. Fitness rudraksha kavach looks very beautiful and have already started wearing it. It has very positive aura that I can feel. I did have very peaceful sleep last night and it is because Lord Shiva's blessings in the form of this kavach. As I told you, I have faced various health issues since past few months but after wearing this fitness kavach, I feel very positive and energetic. My knee pain vanished off suddenly and I am definitely feeling very peaceful and calm in just one day. Thank you very much Ramesh ji for suggesting me this kavach and also for the gift of divine protection bracelet which is again very good for my health. "

Pavitra Singh
11 Jul, 2019

"These are Highlights of Online Goddess Dhumavati Puja performed on 29th July 2018 for one of the clients of Divine Rudraksha. Goddess Dhoomavati Pooja should be performed for overcoming Sadness, Sorrow, Depression, Tragedy, Diseases, Poverty and to Eliminate the evil impact of Ketu from one's horoscope. She is also worshipped for all round Success and Spiritual Upliftment and gives quick results. To get the Dhoomawati Puja performed, please click https://www.divine-rudraksha.com/products/goddess-dhoomavati-puja "

30 Jun, 2019

"I have seen great results with your help my life has changed for the best. Can you add to l wish for the puja, I want rich big spending clients to come to me for my services. Everyday l must make my target goal financially. Thank you so much. Also is there any puja that is done specifically for the business to be successful and prosperous? "

25 Jun, 2019

"Thank you very much. I now have my beautiful Rudruksha bead and I treasure it. And I also appreciate the gift of Shree Yantra. This is very special to me. "

United States
16 May, 2019

"These are highlights of Online Chandi Homam Puja performed by Divine Rudraksha for one of its client residing in Mauritius on 19th August 2018. A Chandi Homam is a prominent Homam and one of the most powerful one for getting overall Success in all undertakings and also for removal of all kinds of Doshas and Obstacles in one’s life. Maa Durga in the form of Devi Chandi is the prime Deity of this Homam and her blessings are bound to clear all your obstacles and hurdles in your path to Success and Glory. To get the Navchandi Puja performed, please visit https://www.divine-rudraksha.com/products/chandi-homam "

19 Apr, 2019

"Namaste Ramesh ji, just want to inform you that I have received the package. The 13 mukhi nepali rudraksha is beautifully attached to the sphatik mala beyond my thought. I have started wearing them from this monday morning as you have instructed and also reciting the shukra and rahu mantras as you suggested and feeling very much relieved. Hope to get my love of life back to me soon. Please remember me in your prayers. Thank you "

Mr. Bhattacharya
10 Apr, 2019

"These are highlights of Online Lakshmi Kuber Puja performed by Divine Rudraksha for one of its client residing in Canada on 1st August 2018. Lakshmi Kuber Homam is performed with an intension for gaining legitimate wealth. Those who are involved in Business or are facing Financial problems like monetary shortage or losses should perform this Homam to receive the blessings and grace of Goddess Lakshmi & Lord Kuber.It is one of the most influential Puja for acquiring wealth and prosperity, and performed for faster recovery of losses & to speed up early payment for clearing the dues. To get the Laxmi Kuber Pooja performed, please visit https://www.divine-rudraksha.com/products/lakshmi-kuber-puja "

Rajkumari Duraai
22 Mar, 2019

"Thank you team rudraksha for serving the Brahmins on my behalf and sending me the pictures. I was searching on the internet for these services since quite long time and finally, I got your website and glad to receive your services. I will soon order for more services and definitely recommend your site to my friends and relatives who need your help. "

United States
13 Mar, 2019

"These are highlights of Online Subh Labh Puja performed by Divine Rudraksha for one of its client residing in New Zealand on 19th July 2018. Subh Labh Puja has been especially worked out to extract Good Luck, Fortune, Prosperity, Health and Wealth in one’s life. Lord Ganesha, Goddess Maha Lakshmi, Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman and Navgrahas are worshipped in Subh Labh Pooja so that a person can get good Health, Wealth & Prosperity for the entire year. This puja can also be performed every year for overall protection. To get the Subh Labh Pooja performed, please visit https://www.divine-rudraksha.com/products/subh-labh-puja "

Shivaani ji
New Zealand
23 Feb, 2019

"Hi Ramesh, thank you for sending me the short video of puja and really glad to see the pandits performing rituals for me. I am highly grateful to you, your team and Guruji for providing such a wonderful puja services. I can feel the positivity of puja and have full faith in God Almighty that he will bless me with happy married life. Thank you again "

United Kingdom
21 Feb, 2019

"These are Highlights of Online Bilva Patra Archana of Lord Shiva performed during Shravan Month for one of the clients of Divine Rudraksha. The most auspicious way of worshipping Lord Shiva is by performing Archana of Bilva leaves, of the Tree known as Bilva Tree. This is a sacred Tree and is very dear to Lord Shiva. Divine Rudraksha is extremely happy to bring forth a very special Archana of Lord Shiva with Bilva Patras and recitation of "Om Namah Shivaya" with every Bilva Patra Archan on a daily basis during the entire Shravan Month. To get this Shiva Archana performed for entire Shravan Month, please click https://www.divine-rudraksha.com/products/lord-shivas-archana-with-bilva-leaves "

29 Jan, 2019

"Hello and Good evening, I have received the rudraksha gem gemini bracelet today with beautiful packing and gift of laxmi ganesha coin. Will start wearing the bracelet from monday as instructed by you and also kept the laxmi ganesha coin on my puja altar. Your services are truly commendable. Really thankful to you all and bless you. "

17 Jan, 2019

"These are highlights of Online Maha Rudrabhishek Puja & Yagna performed by Divine Rudraksha for one of its clients residing in New Zealand on 11th June 2018. Performer of Online Maha Rudrabhishek can get a grip over Health, Wealth and Happiness. He is secured from all kinds of Evil effects and Enemies. His relations with all those who are near and dear to him are improved and amended as well. He gets peace of mind and also attains upgraded spiritual level. To get the Maha Rudrabhishek Pooja performed, please visit https://www.divine-rudraksha.com/products/maha-rudrabhishek-puja-and-yagna-laghu-rudra-puja "

Ms. Gayathri
New Zealand
21 Dec, 2018

"Dear Divine Team and Ramesh ji, I am highly thankful for your speedy and wonderful services. Received the shiva shakti bracelet package today and started wearing it soon as I was very eager to feel its energy. I am quite happy to purchase it from you and also very thankful for the gift of such a nice Rose quartz pendant which also I have started wearing. Really feeling blessed. Thanks a lot guys. God Bless you and have a good day ! "

South Africa
04 Dec, 2018

"Hello Ramesh Ji, Thanks very much for performing the ceremony once again. It's seeing the video's via Dropbox and sending the prasadams afterwards, that makes me continue to return to you. Keep up the great work. "

Sailesh ji
United States
15 Nov, 2018

"Dear Rudraksha team, The item arrived today, in perfect order. The rudrakshas are beautiful, and just what i was hoping for. It has been a plesure doing buisness with you, over the internet. Thank you soo much, for your colarboration. It has been priceless. The mala i put together, is very powerfull, even after the first day of wearing. I may be interested in the 18 mukhi, at some point. Will let you know as soon as I make some plans. Kind regards. "

18 Oct, 2018

"These are highlights of Online Goddess Bagulamukhi Puja performed by Divine Rudraksha for one of its clients residing in USA on 21st May 2018. Performer of Online Devi Bagulamukhi Puja shall have an edge over competition, victory over adversaries, the power to defeat rivals & conquer enemies as per ancient Vedic texts. Performed of Online Goddess Baglamukhi Puja can get immense relief from legal problems as well. To get the Devi Bagulamukhi Puja performed, please click on https://www.divine-rudraksha.com/products/devi-bagulamukhi-puja "

Rocky Singh
New Zealand
27 Sep, 2018

"Hi Ramesh, thank you for answering so fast. 14 mukhi rudraksha is really very helpful to me, I am thankful to you for sending me such beautiful piece. Rare to find services like you on the web but I am so lucky that I have found you online. I will definitely start wearing the rudraksha from tomorrow as you suggested. Also looking to get some pujas performed from you for me and my wife as we are facing a lot of hardships nowadays, will contact you very soon. Thank you once again. "

15 Sep, 2018

"Hello, First of all I am extremely thankful to you for performing the Lawsuit Winning Puja on very short notice. The judge will give his judgement next month but by this hearing, I am very much confident that the case will be in my favour. I am so confident that this puja will definitely going to help me. You have supported me and given your valuable guidance for which I am highly thankful to you. The prasadam has also reached to me in nice packing. I will soon open the stuff and let you know. With Best Wishes "

New Zealand
24 Aug, 2018

"Hello Ramesh ji and Divine Rudraksha Team, Thank you so much to Guruji for performing this puja on my behalf. I felt very peaceful and energetic after performance of this puja. I was very afraid that someone has bad eyes on my house and business due to which I was not able to prosper. I strongly believe in God Almighty and have faith that this puja will bring prosperity and happiness in my life. I have also purchased Divine Protection Bracelet for getting protection from evil eyes and eagerly waiting for prasadam and bracelet. I am considering to purchase the Shiva Shakti Mala and want your guidance as well. Please suggest me if I can wear the Shiva Shakti Mala or should go for individual rudrakshas. Thank you very much for all your services and kindness. "

Paul Chandra
United Kingdom
11 Jul, 2018

"Dear Ramesh Khaitan ji, just received the prasadam of Black Magic Removal Pooja this morning in very good condition. I am pleased with the packing and your sincerity that you have sent instructions for each item. I have purchased lot of spiritual stuffs online from others and also get some pujas done before but you guys are excellent. The photos of puja performed shows your pundits dedication which they have put in to get the person maximum advantage from this. I have felt some positivity as well from the day the puja has been performed. I am also thinking to purchase black magic removal bracelet or pendant soon so that I can get maximum protection from evil spirits and evil deeds of others. Kindly suggest which one is better, pendant or bracelet so that I can order that sooner. With Respect "

Hong Kong
14 Jun, 2018

"Dear Ramesh, I have started wearing the Shiva Shakti Rudraksh Mala from this Monday and getting very prominent results, feeling very peaceful now. I will definitely recommend your services to my friends and relatives. Really happy with this purchase and very much thankful to you for the beautiful shiva mala. "

Namrata Lee
18 May, 2018

"Hi, I am so glad that the puja has been performed successfully. I have just started feeling the effects of this puja, accidentally I have won one contract which is very fruitful for my business and will lead our business to a new height. Your services are much appreciated as you are doing this for people like me, I really do believe in you and so much faith in pujas and homams. Please keep me in your prayers. Om Namaha Shivaya "

26 Apr, 2018

"Namaste Ramesh, I am very happy to inform you that I am going to get married next month by God Almighty's grace and your blessings. This all became possible with the help of Lagan yog rudraksha kavach that you have suggested. I am wearing it daily and feeling so much comfortable and peaceful. I really appreciate all your help and services that you have given to me which are excellent and I will definitely use your puja services as well after marriage to have happy marital life. Thank you with all my Love "

United Kingdom
23 Mar, 2018

"Hello Team, Thank you for the updates, I am really very happy with the gand mool nakshatra shanti puja performed by you and the photos sent by you as well. I have felt some minor positive things in my life after the puja performance. I have also ordered the navgrah rudraksha pendant and really keen to wear that. Also want to ask you if my 8 years old daughter can wear rudrakshas or not, if yes then kindly suggest some rudrakshas for her as per her charts. I also want to get the Chandi Homa performed by you for my whole family as there is going some problems since last few months and as per my readings, maa chandi homa is the ultimate solution for all the problems in life. I do believe you and your pundits thats why I want to get this puja performed at the earliest, please let me know the auspicious dates for this as well. Thank you once again to you Mr. Khaitan for being helpful all the time and the team Divine. "

17 Feb, 2018

"Hi Ramesh, Good morning to you ! I am wearing the Shani Shanti Kavach purchased from your website few months back and I am very happy with it. I am facing through the Sade Sati and Saturn is also malefic in my horoscope, it was giving so much trouble to me even with my employees. Now, everything seems fine and it is a great relief for me. This kavach is really very amazing and magical. I am thankful to you and your team for your services. I will surely recommend your services to my near and dear ones. Thank you once again for all your help and services. "

19 Jan, 2018

"Hello Mr. Khaitan, I am so happy with the ashtlakshmi puja performed last week, puja prasadam has also been received. I have suffered from heavy financial losses this year and wanted to regain my financial position as I have mentioned earlier, please suggest me some mantra for devi lakshmi which I can chant daily. I am a great believer of Hinduism and really feel that this puja will bring wealth and prosperity in our life, my hard work and perseverance is definitely important but I also believe in the karmas, that's the reason I have also booked chandi homam. You are doing good work and keep it up. "

Luiz Wallace
09 Dec, 2017

"Hello Ramesh ji, I have installed the Sampoorna Vastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra as per your suggestion. Slowly but finally the negativity is going out of my house, I can feel the effects of this yantra from the day I have installed it, its really very effective. My mother's health is also getting stable from last few days, my relations with family members are getting better. I am also considering Vastu Dosh Nivaran Pendant to be hanged on the main door of my house so that Vastu Dosha can be eliminated fully and we can live peacefully with each other. I really appreciate all your help and suggestions. Quality of your services are very good and I will definitely refer it to my friends. Appreciate your time & patience "

Kevin L.
18 Nov, 2017

"Dear Ramesh ji, I am very thankful to you for arranging the birthday puja for my daughter along with food to poor people. I wanted her to get blessed by poor and needy people on her birthday and get the blessings of Lord Ganesh so that this year will prove beneficial for her. Although I was confused about the performance of both the things together but you have done it in a very good manner, I am so happy as well by seeing the puja photos and food to poor people photos. I will soon order pujas for me as per your astrological suggestions. Thanking you once again for your services. "

Meggie Ly
Hong Kong
21 Oct, 2017

"Hello, Namaste Ramesh ji ! Hope you are fine. The Divine protection bracelet is very effective, I am feeling so peaceful with positive energies around me. I feel that all the evil effects and evil eyes that have harmed me and my family are being removed with the help of this magical bracelet. I would like to purchase this bracelet for my friends as well as they also want to get this protective shield. I am highly thankful for your services and response. Thank you for your time and patience ! "

29 Sep, 2017

"Namaste, I thank you so much for all your dedication and news . I am so happy to be able to see the pictures of the Rudrabhishek Puja and Yagna made on my behalf. And I am glad to see all the priests and details, offerings and, Deities. Thank you very much indeed ! I do appreciate all your efforts to make me know all what have been done. And now about the shipping. I have downloaded the pictures: I am very happy to get them. Warm Thanks Sincere regards and Best Wishes for all the team. "

United States
23 Aug, 2017

"Hello, Many thanks for arranging this very holy and auspicious path for me. Please note that the auspicious vibrations were very strong during the path, even here in the UK. Also, a most remarkable thing occurred, I had placed a diya in front of Sri Ram yantra prior to start of the path. I did not expect that it would stay lit very long as I was not feeling well enough to stay up and keep adding ghee. However, the next day, although the flame was very low, the diya was still burning. Amazingly it had remained burning throughout the night. This is surely the Lord's presence. The blessings of this holy path continue to unfold. Regards "

United Kingdom
10 Aug, 2017

"Dear Sir, I have purchased 13 mukhi nepalese rudraksha from your website few months ago and I am getting very good results from it. My relationships with my husband has become good and also with my in-laws. I am getting very good business as well from my clients from last few weeks. Finally, I can say that I have made correct decision about wearing this rudraksha and for that, I am thankful to the information provided on your website which was very helpful in choosing the rudraksha. You have provided very good services for which I am highly thankful. I will surely recommend your services to my friends and other ones. Best Wishes "

United States
18 Jul, 2017

"Hello Ramesh ji, Thank you very much for arranging chandi homam at short notice. On the day of Homam, I could not sleep whole night and chanted the mantras, I think this is because of positive effects of chandi homam. With the blessings of maa durga, I am feeling much better now. I have seen the puja photos that you have sent me, I really liked the puja performed for me and wish to get lakshmi kuber puja performed for me next month, I believe that lakshmi kuber homa will bring prosperity in my life. I will soon order this puja also. Thank you very much for your time and patience. "

Roma Wall
23 Jun, 2017

"Namaste Ramesh ji, Last month, you have done black magic removal puja for me and I am getting very good results of it. Somebody has done black magic on me so that I could not live a happy marital life and I was really stressed by this since last few months but now everything is being changed slowly but yes I am happy that something has improved in my marital life and I do believe that very soon everything will be fine and me and my husband will live a joyous life. I just want to thank you for all your efforts to do a black magic removal puja for me and really appreciate your services that you are doing for us. Thank you Ramesh ji once again to you and team Divine for bringing such services. "

06 May, 2017

"Hi Ramesh, I am regularly wearing the one mukhi rudraksha and chanting the mantras suggested by you. I am feeling very peaceful after doing all this things, my mind and body feels relaxed. The rudraksha is very powerful and I can feel its energy around me. My health is also getting good day by day. I am very delighted by wearing it and wish you and your team a very prosperous life ahead because you people are doing very nice job. I am a 75 years old lady and when I have contacted you, I had lots of problems but your suggestions made much improvement in my life for which I will be highly obliged till the end. God Bless you to all of you ! Om Namah Shivaya "

19 Apr, 2017

"Hi Ramesh, Thank you so much for performing Akhand Ramayan for me in such a short period. I wanted to do it as early as possible because of my regular health issues. I really hope that everything will be fine sooner. I am very happy to see the photos of akhand ramayan performed by your purohits, they have really done it with full dedication and I am also believing that their dedication to perform the ramayan for me will lead my life to more happier and healthier step. I never believed in God but now I am a very dedicated devotee of Lord Rama and Lord Hanuman. All this have been come true because of your services, you are bringing people more closer to God and very helping for people like us who don't have any knowledge about pujas or path. God Bless you and your team and I really wish that you keep going and achieve the heights of Success. Yours Truly "

Lois Dora
21 Mar, 2017

"Dear Ramesh ji, I have received my Wisdom Power bracelet yesterday morning, superfast delivery, excellent packing and amazing services. I have started wearing it from yesterday itself and it feels very nice like never before as such there is some energy in this bracelet. I will definitely recommend your website to my friends and relatives here. Thank you so much for your kind services. Good day ! "

United Arab Emirates
16 Feb, 2017

"Hi Team, Your website is very amazing with clear photos of each and every products which helped me a lot in deciding what to purchase with helpful information about each of them. You guys have also communicated every step since purchase to delivery with same zeal and enthusiasm which shows your sincerity and your belief in customer satisfaction. I felt that I have purchased from right people who have appreciated my purchase. I am very comfortable recommending your authentic products. I felt the energy of maha mrityunjay kavach as soon as I opened my package...great vibes ! I am extremely satisfied and happy with my positive experience as a customer of Divine Rudraksha. With love and blessings. "

United States
20 Jan, 2017

"Dear Ramesh ji, I have just received the photos of brahmin bhoj arranged by you on behalf of my husband. The arrangement is really very good and you have done it in such a way that I could not be arranged like you guys have arranged. I am very thankful to you and would like to order one more brahmin bhoj for my daughter, she remains ill nowadays and I want to take blessings of brahmins for her to get recovered very soon. "

12 Dec, 2016

"Namaste Ramesh ji, I got the shiva mala yesterday evening. Its very elegant and beautiful, I do appreciate your suggestion. My family members also liked the mala. I will start wearing it from today itself. Just want to confirm if I can wear the mala when I am travelling. As per my readings on internet, Shiva Shakti Mala has got lots of positive energy that even the seven chakras of our body starts absorbing it and getting healed if they are damaged. I am really excited to wear the mala after reading this thing and thankful to you once again for sending me such a divine mala. "

25 Nov, 2016

"Hello Mr. Ramesh Khaitan, I have purchased the shree maha meru yantra from your website sometimes ago and I liked it and placed it in my puja altar. I have got some positive results as well, my blocked funds are getting released gradually and now I want to buy 14 mukhi nepali rudraksha, I just want your expert suggestion on this as per my horoscope. I am a very regular customer of yours and have purchased many items from your website, that is the only reason that I am asking this question to you. Thanks & waiting for your reply "

Archala Iyer
23 Sep, 2016

"Dear Team Divine Rudraksha, I am really happy with the Navgrah Shanti puja performed by you last month. I have seen the DVD recording and it seems that your Purohits has done very well beyond my expectations. I have noted that each and every ritual has been performed in a perfect manner. I will definitely going to order the Chandi Homam in next week since I am a great devotee of Goddess Durga and wish to get performed the Chandi Homam atleast once. Please suggest me the auspicious dates so that I can order it soon. Thank you. "

United Kingdom
11 Aug, 2016

"Namaste and Good Morning Ramesh ji, I have received the lord ganesh idol today. Its really very beautiful and adorable, and more than my expectation. I have never seen such beautiful idol of Lord Ganesh before, I am very happy that I have placed the idol in my worshipping place. I really want to have Lakshmi, Saraswati, Shiva and Hanuman idol in my worshipping place as well which I will definitely order from you soon. Thank you and God Bless you guys ! "

Hong Kong
22 Jul, 2016

"Dear Mr. Ramesh, I got the parcel yesterday. The conch is really very beautiful and when I have blown the conch, it sounded OM very auspiciously as you have described. I have placed it in my puja altar today without any delay. Just want to thank you for sending me the conch safely and rapidly, and thank you for all your support and services that you have provided to me. I am genuinely believe in you and would like to do more business with you in future as well. With all my wishes & happiness ! "

Frank Ray
United Kingdom
13 May, 2016

"Hi Ramesh ji, Thank you very much for performing the Garud Puran Path for my beloved father. I just really want to make him happy by any way, you guys are really doing good work. God bless you........ "

18 Apr, 2016

"Hello Ramesh ji, I have started wearing the riddhi siddhi bracelet and the things are going smooth than before. It also looks elegant and I do believe that everything will be fine sooner with the blessings of lord ganesha. I have also started chanting the mantras for planet rahu as per your suggestion and feeling calm and contented. I really appreciate all your advices and efforts with reference to my problems. "

Narendran Corbie
25 Mar, 2016

"These are the Highlights of Hanuman Chalisa Path performed by Divine Rudraksha on Tuesday, 8th of September 2015 for one of their clients residing in USA. One of the best ways to pray to Lord Hanuman and get his blessings is the recitation of Hanuman Chalisa which was written by Ancient Hindu Saint Tulsidas ji. As the name suggests, there are 40 (chaalis) verses admiring & informing about Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman is an incarnation of Lord Shiva and is also known as Eleventh Rudra. As per Ramayana, the most respected Hindu Epic, when Lord Vishnu took birth as Lord Rama to free this Earth from the tortures of the dreaded Demon king Ravana, the other Gods and Goddesses also took birth to help Lord Rama. In this very context, Lord Shiva who is one of the Gods of Holy Trinity, took birth as Lord Hanuman to help and support Lord Rama in his crusade against demon king Ravana. "

United States
21 Jan, 2016

"Dear Team, I am happy to inform you that the 14 mukhi rudraksha that I have purchased two months ago is giving me the desired results. My business is going on smoothly without any loss and my health is also going very good with the blessings of Lord Shiva. I also got the offer to join the leading political party last week, I am little bit confused about this, I would like your astrological assistance in this matter so that I can make a concrete decision. Have a blessed and cheerful year ahead ! "

New Zealand
14 Jan, 2016

"These are the Highlights of Radha Krishna Puja performed by Divine Rudraksha on Thursday, 2nd July 2015 for one of their clients. Lord Krishna is the 8th Incarnation of Lord Vishnu who took this Avatar for destruction of Demon Kans and freed the people of "Brijbhumi" from misdeeds of Kans. However, as such the Lord Krishna is supposed to be the best representation of Universal Love & Affection. A combined name of Radha Krishna is ultimate representation of Eternal Love between any two living beings. Whereas, Lord Krishna represents "Purush" part, the name Radha represents the "Prakrutik or Female" part of Universal Love. Hence, a prayer offered to Radha Krishna is supposed to be one of the most powerful pujas that can be done to get Eternal Love & Peace in life. This Puja is recommended for getting a suitable Life Partner as well as for Love, Peace & Happiness in marital life just like the one that prevailed in the lives of Radha Krishna. "

Vinni Binello
United States
26 Dec, 2015

"Hello, Thank you for performing the Lakshmi Kuber Puja on this Dhanteras for me. I am highly thankful to you that you have get this puja performed by your purohits in such a short notice on my request. Maa Lakshmi has showered her blessings on me this Diwali in many ways that's why I was very keen to get this puja performed. Thank you very much once again for your kind devotion and services. Sincerely "

Anjana Panchal
04 Dec, 2015

"These are the Highlights of Gand Mool Nakshatra Shanti Puja performed by Divine Rudraksha on Tuesday, 2nd June, 2015 for one of their clients residing in USA. Out of 27 Nakshatras, 6 Nakshatras are considered as Inauspicious and they are recognized as GAND MOOL NAKSHATRA. These Six Nakshatras are Ashwini, Ashlesha, Magha, Jyeshtha, Mool & Revati Nakshatra. In a scenario where a person is born in any of the above mentioned Six Nakshatras, a Special Puja known as “Gand Mool Nakshatra Shanti Puja” should be carried out as soon as possible for their Pacification. Normally, this Puja is done on the 27th day after Birth, when the same Nakshatra is still there. However, if this has not been done, then it is highly advisable to get the corresponding puja done at the earliest, otherwise various negative results and influences are faced by that person in his life as per Ancient Hindu Vedic Texts. "

Rishie Singh
United States
28 Nov, 2015

"Hi Ramesh, Thank you very much for the fast ever delivery of products. I am very happy with the brass hanging lord ganesh frame that I have received this afternoon, it looks great with beautiful carving. I have hang it in my living room and really believe that it will bring positivity and auspiciousness in my house with the blessings of lord ganesh. I will definitely recommend your services to my friends and relatives so that they can also take advantage of your products and services too. "

Nina Jothi
19 Nov, 2015

"Navgraha rudraksh power pendant is really very beautiful and elegant. I am suffering lots of problems in my life and this is because of bad transits of planets as per the astrologers and just because of it I have ordered this pendant. I am just wearing it since last few days and getting good results from it. I am able to sleep peacefully without any tensions and worries, work atmosphere has also improved somehow and my relations with my family and husband has also been improved gradually. I really want to say thank you for customizing this pendant for the benefit of people like me. "

16 Oct, 2015

"I would like to inform you that I am getting very good results of Black Magic kavach, my fear about the unknown has gone now. I am living my life very happily without any fear like before. Thank you so much to bring such a wonderful protective shield for people suffering from black magic and negativity. I will definitely buy more from your site and will also recommend to my friends and relatives. Thank you "

Snehal Gupta
United States
25 Aug, 2015

"These are the Highlights of Vastu Dosh Nivaran Puja performed by Divine Rudraksha on Friday, 27th February, 2015 for one of their clients residing in USA. Any place is supposed to have a Vastu Fault whenever the construction of that place has not been done according to the Principles of Vastu. These principles take into consideration all the 8 main directions as well as the 5 basic elements which are Water, Earth, Fire, Space & Air. Whenever, there is an imbalance between these 5 elements, then a Vastu Dosha develops in that dwelling and any person residing in it or working in it has to suffer the negative effects of such a Vastu fault. "

United States
30 Jul, 2015

"Hi Ramesh ji, Thank you for performing the pitru paksh puja for my grand father. I was very attached with him and really pray that his soul get moksha and Lord Vishnu will shower his blessings on him and our family. I really appreciate your services that you are doing for us, we ourselves can't get these rituals done and in that case, your services are proved really helpful. "

Frederick Shepphard
16 Jul, 2015

"Hi Ramesh, I am very glad to receive the good luck pendant very speedily, the pendant is really very beautiful. I can feel the divine energies of this pendant just by wearing it from today, it feels like some positive things are going around you and it stops the negativity to come across. I have ordered one more pendant today itself for my son and wish that all his problems and sufferings will go down by wearing it. Thanking you and your team ! "

Andrea Barry
26 Jun, 2015

"These are the Highlights of Shukra Puja performed by Divine Rudraksha on Friday, 13th February, 2015 for one of their clients residing in USA. Venus is the planet of Beauty and Relations. It is related to all kinds of Pleasure, Comforts & Luxuries of the Life. Venus is the Karak planet of the 7th house (House of Marriage). It is also a natural benefactor of Marriage in a Male horoscope. The planet Venus represents Love, Sensitivity, Wife, Marriage, Marital Life, Marital Pleasures, Semen, Music, Vehicles, Perfumes, Cosmetics, Bed room relations, Poetry, Fragrance and Sensuality. A person with a weak or malefic Venus suffers from Diseases due to Excessive Drinking, Diabetes, Frigidness, Impotency, Sexually transmitted diseases, he may be devoid of Sexual Pleasures, Kidney related problems and Low Sperm Counts. "

United States
18 Jun, 2015

"Dear Ramesh ji, I have seen the photos sent by you. I am very glad that you have served the needy people very beautifully without any hassle. Thank you so much for providing such a good service and helping those who don't have much money to eat good food. "

Costo Yilmaz
20 May, 2015

"Hi, the 7 Chakras pendant is really very beautiful and delicate. I always wanted such seven chakra pendant to wear and suddenly I have seen that you have introduced this pendant and just bought it quickly. I want to buy five more for my family members so that they will remain fit and healthy. Thanks "

Namrata Singh
United States
19 Mar, 2015

"Dear Ramesh bhai, I have received the prasadam of Arisht Guna Dosh Puja this afternoon. It has mala and bracelet for me and my husband and some yantra also. I have seen the recordings of puja, the puja has been performed very gracefully and I believe that the differences in our marital life will be no more longer with the blessings of the puja and we will lead a more happier life like before. I really have a great faith in you and your predictions, your suggestions have always proved beneficial to me and I also believe that the puja recommended by you will be helpful me. I am heartily thankful to you and please pray for me that my marital life will become happier. Om Namaha Shivaya ! "

Ansuya Arora
18 Feb, 2015

"Hello, I have ordered for shri maha meru yantra and it has been delivered to me last evening very quickly, it is really very beautiful and I also want to purchase 5 more meru yantras to gift them to my friends because they are very spiritual and I believe that this yantra of lakshmi devi will bring fortune and prosperity to their life. I once again thank you for your services and quality products. "

Nikesh Hariprasad
13 Jan, 2015

"These are the Highlights of Brihaspati Puja performed by Divine Rudraksha on Thursday, 2nd of October 2014 for one of their clients. According to our age-old Ancient Vedic Texts, Jupiter is a Natural Beneficial planet. It is the Karak planet for 5 houses which are 2nd, 5th, 9th, 10th and 11th house of horoscope respectively. In addition, it is also a natural benefactor of Wealth, Fame, Success, Religion, Karmas of the past life, Luck and progeny. It is also a natural benefactor planet for Marriage in a female horoscope. It acclaims itself as the father of every living thing. The worship of Jupiter endows pure, aesthetic life and good health & wealth. As per Ancient Vedic Texts, if a person is under the Dasha-Antar Dasha of planet Jupiter or if the planet Jupiter is malefic in his horoscope, then in such cases, a neutralizing Puja for planet Jupiter is highly recommended which will be beneficial. Worshipping of this planet helps to cure physical illness as well as promotes good progeny, good education, velour and longevity of life. "

United States
29 Nov, 2014

"Hi, I have received the parcel today, the pendant is really very beautiful. I was expecting that it will come to me after two days but it arrived today itself and I am really happy for your express services. I have ordered this pendant for protecting my self from negative and evil energies, black magic and to protect myself from the eyes of enemies who dont want me grow more, I have felt lot of positivity in this pendant by just taking into my hands and really believe that it will solve my purpose by saving me from negativity. Thank you so much to you guys for introducing such a fine combination. Thank you once again. "

Mathieu Grasso
14 Nov, 2014

"Hi Ramesh ji, Thank you for performing the vastu puja for my new house. I was very confused about the vastu corrections before shifting to this house that's why I ordered the vastu puja. I have seen the recordings of this puja and very satisfied with the puja. I also want to ask you can I hang the swastik with pyramid or OM symbol on my main door or can I hang both of these things for the peace, prosperity and keep my house away from evil eyes and negative energies. Please suggest me accordingly. Thank you ! "

Shivaraman Balakrishnan
22 Oct, 2014

"These are the Highlights of few minutes of a Janamdivas Puja ( Birthday Puja ) being performed by our priests for a client residing in USA on Monday 30th June, 2014. Birthday is one of the most important day in ones life. Birthday puja is done on the date of birth and recommended for everyone for happy long life. This puja should be performed on every Birthday for Happier and Healthier life. Every person shall get Birthday puja done because this not only brings prosperity but also removes the obstacles present in ones life. "

Arnav Singh
United States
20 Sep, 2014

"Hello Ramesh ji, Thank you for performing the recent Sunderkand Path for me. I am a great devotee of Lord Hanuman and get the sunderkand path done by your Guruji is really very amazing. I will get performed this path every month in near future also for my and my family's good health and protection. May Lord Hanuman bless us with great knowledge, wisdom and health. "

Parag Ranada
11 Sep, 2014

"These are the Highlights of few minutes of a Sunderkand being performed by our priests for a client residing in USA on Tuesday 15th April, 2014. Sunderkand is the 5th chapter of the great Epic Ramayana. It is primarily dedicated to Lord Hanuman who was the incarnation of Lord Shiva and is said to be the most revered example of dedication to Lord Rama. It is believed in Hinduism that a mere recitation of this Chapter can save a person from biggest disasters and problems if it is done with full faith and dedication. Sunderkand describes the journey of Lord Hanuman to Lanka which was the city of Ravana ( King of Demons ) to search for Devi Sita (wife of Lord Rama and who was abducted by Ravana). "

United States
23 Aug, 2014

"These are the Highlights of few minutes of a Sudarshan Puja being performed by our priests for a client residing in UK on Friday, 31st January, 2014. Shri Sudarshan Puja is dedicated to Lord Vishnu for removal of all Enemies & avoiding Accidents. Sudarshan Puja is performed for any auspicious beginning, to get victory, courage and prosperity. This Puja is performed by 5 priests and the total time taken is around 3-4 hours. "

United Kingdom
16 Aug, 2014

"Hello Divine Rudraksha, I am really grateful to you for performing the birthday puja for me in a very short notice. I am wearing the rudraksh bracelet everyday and also kept the rudraksh rosary in my puja place. It gives very auspiciousness to me and brings peace in my mind. I felt the divine energy around me on my birthday like someone is protecting me from negative energies and obstacles. I will be ordering some more pujas from you next month because your services are trustworthy. "

Pierre Painulli
29 Jul, 2014

"These are the Highlights of few minutes of Navgrah Puja being performed by our priests for a client residing in UK on Saturday, 8th February, 2014. Navgrah Puja is performed to appease the 9 planets and make our life free of hassles and troubles, to make ourself more Happy and Prosperous and to remove the negative influence of planets in one's horoscope. Sometimes there are lot of sudden problems and obstacles came to our life and that is because of the adverse transit of planets, this can also be pacified by performing the Navgrah Puja. "

United Kingdom
13 Jul, 2014

"These are the Highlights of Shani Puja performed by Divine Rudraksha on Saturday, 12th April, 2014 for one of their clients residing in USA. It is said that planet Saturn is a judge of our past deeds. The planet Saturn is a Natural Benefactor of Jobs and Services, Metals, Industries, Age, Poverty, Hardships, Diseases, all kinds of obstacles and selfishness. A person having weak or a malefic Saturn in his horoscope has to undergo sufferings in all his life and his progress is very slow even with a very hard work. When Saturn is adverse, it causes many problems, accidents, conflicts, poor financial position, sorrow, sadness, depression, poverty etc. In such case, performing a Shani Puja will be very beneficial. "

United States
12 Jul, 2014

"Hello, This is to inform you that I have received my shiva mala. It looks amazing and I have also started wearing it from monday. From the very first day of wearing this divine male, I was feeling the auspiciousness around me and the things came in a positive manner which was destroying my mind. Please also suggest me some mantra jaap to keep myself cool and calm. "

Anil Dhillon
18 Jun, 2014

"These are the Highlights of Devi Baglamukhi Puja performed by Divine Rudraksha on Tuesday, 25th March, 2014 for one of their clients residing in USA. The performer of Devi Baglamukhi Puja shall have an edge over Competition, Victory over Adversaries, the power to defeat rivals and conquer Enemies. It is believed that if you offer Puja and homam to Devi Baglamukhi, your enemies cannot harm you since it acts as a shield to stop your enemy from doing any harm against you. It is also believed that one gets immense relief from legal problems if he worships Devi Baglamukhi. Puja of Devi Bagulamukhi can serve as an ultimate weapon to win over Enemies and this Goddess also destroys all sorts of enemies. Devi Bagulamukhi is said to be capable of captivating and paralyzing enemies speech, destroy his intellect and mal-intention for doing wrong things and harm against the worshipper. "

United States
06 Jun, 2014

"These are the Highlights of few minutes of Rudrabhishek Puja and Yagna being performed by our priests on Monday, 24th February, 2014 for one of their clients residing in USA. This Puja is dedicated to Lord Rudra ( Lord Shiva ) who is the creator of Universe. He is also the destroyer of all Evil, and the one who bestows the greatest blessings when pleased. By performing this Puja, a person gets good Health, Wealth and Happiness. He is protected from all kinds of Evil effects and Enemies. His relations with all those who are near and dear to him are improved and he gets a peace of mind and also improvement at a spiritual level. "

United States
25 Apr, 2014

"Dear Ramesh ji, Thank you for sending me the puja prasad rapidly. I have done all the things according to your instructions and getting the results as well from the very first week. It seems like Goddess Lakshmi ji has showered her blessings on me this week. I am feeling so relieved and my finances also becomes sound slowly. I am also intending to do a Lakshmi Kubera puja this Diwali so I can get the blessings from both the deities. "

Luis Sharon
Hong Kong
12 Apr, 2014

"These are the Highlights of few minutes of Uma Maheshwar Puja being performed by our priests for a client residing in US on Thursday, 23rd January, 2014. Uma Maheshwar Puja is for a Long and Happy married life. Uma (Goddess Parvati, the wife of Lord Shiva) and Lord Shiva Puja is performed for a Happy Marital Life as they are considered to be a perfect match i.e. Shiv and Shakti. This Puja is considered to be best for marital happiness. If there is any discord in the relationship, all are resolved. One should conduct this Puja at least once in a year for a happy married life. "

United States
27 Mar, 2014

"Dear Ramesh ji, Om Namaha Shivaya ! I have seen the recording of the puja, I am really very happy to see the wonderful arrangements of the puja. I can feel the positive energy in the house by seeing this recording and hope that all my problems and issues will be resolved very sooner. I have also started wearing the rudrakshas suggested by you in the remedy. I have a great faith in you and your organization and will definitely recommend your website to my relatives. I would really love to do business with you again "

Sangeeta Sharma
14 Mar, 2014

"These are the Highlights of few minutes of a Lakshmi Narayan Puja being performed by our priests for a client residing in USA on Thursday 5th September, 2013. This Puja is performed for Prosperity, Material Abundance, Goodluck, Harmony, Spiritual Prosperity and to remove troubles that prevent us from starting a spiritual path or business. Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth and the consort of Lord Vishnu. Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess who governs all form of wealth and success and the paths, means and results of all forms of prosperity. Sri Lakshmi embodies sublime beauty, siddhi, peace, strength, balance, auspiciousness, opulence and wisdom. This Homam is performed by 5 priests and the total time taken is around 3 to 4 hours for this Puja. "

United States
19 Feb, 2014

"These are the Highlights of few minutes of a Santan Gopalam Puja being performed by our priests for a client residing in USA on Thursday 17th October, 2013. This Puja is performed when a native is devoid of a child. This Homam is a boon If there are obstacles or delay in progeny and some complications / obstacles arises during pregnancy. Santana Gopalam Homam is performed for childless couple, who wish to have a child. This Puja is performed on your behalf, to get a child. Those who are expecting, shall also perform this Puja for healthy and intelligent child. After performing this Homam; one will be blessed with a child, wealth, property, gain, and prosperity. Those who wish progeny, success in endeavors, worldly enjoyment and the final emancipation shall attain it by performing this Homam. "

United States
29 Jan, 2014

"Hello Ramesh ji, Thank you so much for performing this pooja for me and my family. My health was not so good since last few months and my business was also falling down but after the rudrabhishek pooja, my health issues were gradually resolved and my business is also going upward with the blessings of Shivji. I really appreciate you, your team and your pandits for providing the wonderful services. I get immense relief by wearing the bracelet and mala of puja prasad and I will definitely order this pooja again for my and my family's health and good future. "

Colin Arnold
11 Jan, 2014

"These are the Highlights of few minutes of a Maha Mrityunjaya Puja being performed by our priests for a client residing in USA on Monday, 30th September, 2013. Maha Mrityunjaya Homam is dedicated to Lord Shiva to avoid untimely death and is also performed to achieve Jaya or Victory over Mrityu or death as per Ancient Vedic Texts. This Homam is performed by 7 priests and the total time taken is around 7 to 8 hours for this Puja. "

United States
07 Dec, 2013

"Dear Divine Rudraksha, I am all praise to you and your Guruji for performing the Chandi Puja and Homam for me on such a short notice. I was undergoing a very tough time and someone suggested me to get this Puja performed as early as possible. Initially, I was not sure about the same, however I made up my mind to get the same performed when I contacted Shri Ramesh Khaitan and he explained to me about its effects in detail. I think that this was one of my best decisions as I am feeling great since the very day the puja has been performed and it appears as everything is moving in a positive direction by the blessings of Goddess Durga . Please convey my heartfelt thanks to your Guruji. "

Elizabeth Llyod
United States
09 Nov, 2013

"Thanks so much for this info. I really enjoyed the Pooja your pundits performed yesterday, we had a quiet day with friends after that. I arose at 4.30 our time so that I could take part in the pooja with my meditation. I had a really good meditation period, and I am really thankful to you and your pundits for performing this for me. I appreciate this very much. Please convey this to your pundits. Very best regards "

Ansie Anema
South Africa
11 Oct, 2013

"These are the highlights of Gauri Shankar Puja performed by Divine Rudraksha on Monday, 27th May 2013 for one of their clients residing in USA. It takes around 5-6 hours & 5 Priests perform this Puja. This Puja is performed when their are delays/problems in marriage. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva & Goddess Gauri who are supposed to be one of the best Deity Couples and their blessings are highly beneficial not only for getting timely marriage with a suitable match, but also for Happy Married Life. "

United States
28 Sep, 2013

"Dear Rameshji, I would like to say huge thank you for performing for me Chandal Yog Pooja, I am very glad to inform that there are good positive things happening in my life after the pooja, I sincerely thanking you for your great efforts and kindness.and I personally feel that now its working amazing. "

Nirav Kumar Barot
17 Sep, 2013

"Dear Ramesh ji, I am highly thankful to you as well as to your Guruji for performing the " Shani Rahu Shrapit Dosha Puja " for me. I was highly impressed and satisfied with the Horoscope Analysis which you did for me as well as the Puja & Rudrakshas which you suggested me as Remedial measures. However, initially I was a bit reluctant to order this Puja online since a number of my friends have advised me otherwise on the pretext that they had bad experience by placing orders for such pujas online. However, the Astrological Analysis done by you was very accurate and therefore I placed the order for this Puja which was definitely the best thing that I did for me. Almost all the things started to move in a positive direction from the very day the Puja was performed by your Guruji & I felt very peaceful after a long time. I will be ordering the Rudrakshas also very soon. "

Chiranjivi Gohil
United Kingdom
20 Jul, 2013

"Hello Ramesh Ji, Please accept my heartiest thanks for the timely performance of the Shani Rahu Shrapit Dosha Nivaran Puja for me. I have suffered a lot due to this Dosha, but now I have already started feeling a sense of comfort from the day of puja itself. I am glad that I opted to go for the puja as suggested by you after analyzing my Horoscope. I wish that someone might have suggested me for this puja much earlier After this positive experience with your organization, I want to wear some Holy Rudraksha Beads also. Can you kindly suggest me which Rudrakshas are most suitable as per my Horoscope. "

Sagar Prasad
United Kingdom
19 Jun, 2013

"Watch Highlights of Lakshmi Kuber Puja performed by us on Monday, 18th of April 2013 for our USA based Client. Lakshmi-Kuber Puja & Homam is performed for the purpose of gaining legitimate wealth. Those who are involved in business or are facing financial problems may perform this Homam to receive the blessings and grace of Goddess Lakshmi. It takes around 3-4 hours and 5 Priests to perform the Puja. "

United States
17 May, 2013

"These are the Highlights of few minutes of Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja performed by Divine Rudraksha on Saturday, 13th October, 2012 for one of their clients residing in Oman. This Puja is done for the peace / liberation of the souls of Forefathers / Ancestors and takes around 5-6 hours & 5 Priests perform this Puja. "

20 Feb, 2013

"Dear Ramesh ji, I have received the Raksha Kavach yesterday. It looks very elegant. I am really very happy with the quality of rudrakshas and wish to order more spiritual products from you. I was confused about the purchase before ordering but now I am too much satisfied with your services and response. Thank you very much once again for delivering me the kavach beyond my expectations. "

11 Jan, 2013

"These are the Highlights of few minutes of Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivaran Puja performed by Divine Rudraksha on Monday, 2nd July, 2012 for one of their clients residing in US. If, in a horoscope, all the planets are placed between Rahu and Ketu, it is considered to be a Kaal Sarp yoga. According to Indian Astrology, there are many types of Kaal Sarp yogas are there. Some one having a Kaal Sarp Yoga in the horoscope faces different kinds of problems and instability in the life, bereft of progeny, mental disturbance etc. This condition is generally considered to be adverse, but can be relieved through a Kala Sarp puja. It is mandatory to do the Puja. (Ideal to do once in a year around birth day). The Puja is performed by 5 priests and the total time taken is around 5-6 hours. "

United States
15 Dec, 2012

"Hi Team, I have worn the pendant on this monday. It was arrived to me in a very beautiful packaging and the pendant is really beyond my expectation, I just can't explain that how much happy I am by receiving the shiva rudraksha. I am a great devotee of Shiv ji and you guys have done lot for me by sending the rudraksha urgently. I will surely consider Divine Rudraksha to my relatives and friends as I am very happy with your services and quality of rudraksha. Best Wishes Joanna "

Joanna Poul
24 Nov, 2012

"These are the Highlights of few minutes of a Chandi Homam being performed by our priests for a client residing in Mexico on Friday, 1st of June, 2012. A Chandi Homam is one of the most powerful homam for getting all round Success and also for removal of all kinds of Doshas and Obstacles in ones life. This Homam is performed by 9 priests and the total time taken is around 10 to 11 hours for this Puja. "

19 Oct, 2012

"Hello Ramesh ji, Many thanks for sending me a Parad Shivling in such a short period of time. I have placed the energized shivling in my home puja temple on last monday and within 3 days, the entire atmosphere of my home has been changed. I am also sprinkling the poured water of shivling in my home everyweek as per your instructions and the we can feel the positive energies within the house. Thank you for your humble guidance. "

Saty Verma
15 Jun, 2012

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