Sarva Manokamna Prapti Yantra

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This Yantra is made on plate made from mixed metals with Golden Plating and multi colored images. The size available with us is 3 x 3 inches.
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SARVA MANOKAMNA PRAPTI YANTRA - For Fulfillment of desires, Material comforts, Wealth, Success, Prosperity, Enhances Luck & Opportunities

Sarva Manokamna Prapti Yantra should be installed and worshipped in order to reap success and prosperity in all areas of life. This Yantra is a numerical yantra that fuses the power of magic Numeric Square and the powers of the Seed or Beej mantra. This Yantra works on the rule of invoking the sacred number 3 in multiple combinations. It is basically a 3 x 3 square in which various numbers are placed in such a way that they total up to a summation of 30 along any axis. Around the circumference of the outer squares of the magic grid are lotus petals within which are inscribed the Beej mantra "Hrim". This mantra is regarded as extremely robust in the mantra system and it causes the removal of all kinds of worldly illusions if practiced with dedication and faith. The mantra "Hrim" is also called the power of Lord Vishnu or Narayana who pervades and preserves the universe. This energy is fuelled by devotion and is the fundamental energy used by Lord Vishnu to bring the cosmos into existence. Hence, combining the power of 3 in a 3 x 3 square along with 12 "Hrim" mantras makes this yantra as one of the most powerful yantras. This Yantra is an ideal gift to give for someone whom you Love and wish to see prosper. Therefore, this Yantra is traditionally regarded as an extremely lucky and auspicious gift as well as a lucky talisman to possess for a person himself. It also imparts spirituality and spiritual practices in many people who worship it with dedication and faith. This Yantra enhances a person's luck for the better and it brings about desirable outcomes and makes one's deepest desires to be true. 


Golden Plated Sarva Manokamna Prapti Yantra : 

This Yantra is made on plate made from mixed metals with Golden Plating and multi colored images. The size available with us is 3 x 3 inches.

Energization of Sarva Manokamna Prapti Yantra
Please note that as such, the Yantra sent to our clients are previously energized by our Guruji according to necessary rituals as described in ancient Vedic texts and therefore it may be directly placed in the Puja Room or Place of Worship.

However, if the client wishes then additionally He / She may carry out the following procedure :
On Thursday morning, after having bath, wash the Yantra with clean water and wipe it clean with a soft piece of cloth then install it with full faith at your worshipping place. Light a lamp and kindle some incense sticks.
Beej Mantra
" Om Graang Greeng Graung Sah Gurave Namah "
Presiding Deity
Lord Vishnu
Day to Install
Direction for placing this Yantra
North East
Please Note
The Design of the yantra may slightly vary from the image shown above, as we keep on upgrading our yantras under the supervision of our learned gurus to make yantras more & more effective.

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