Crystal Shivlinga in Pindi Form

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This type of Shiva Lingam is carved out from natural crystal and is considered that it imparts fame and prosperity as narrated in the saga “Linga Purana”.
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Information about Crystal Shivlinga in Pindi form

This type of Shiva Lingam is carved out from natural crystal and is considered that it imparts fame and prosperity as narrated in the saga “Linga Purana”. Shivling in a Pindi Form carved out of a single crystal gemstone and it represents Nirguna Brahman. This is most practiced for Aaradhna or worship of Lord Shiva. Crystal Shivling in a Pindi Form has no colour of its own and it adapts/reflects the colour of the substances which comes in contact with it. It represents the abyss or the formless Lord Shiva. Worship of Shivling from bottom of the heart connects a devotee with the Almighty being Lord Shiva. Every single Shivling puja carried out takes the devotee towards the eternal truth that he / she is part of the Supreme Being. The Shivling in Pindi Form stands for the primeval energy of the creator. It is believed that at the end of all creation, during the great deluge, all of the different aspects of Gods and Goddesses will find a final resting place in the Shivling; Lord Brahma will be completely absorbed into the right, Lord Vishnu to the Left and Goddess Gayatri into the Heart according to Ancient Vedic Texts. The Shivling is also a manifestation of the Infinite cosmic column of fire whose origins Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma were not able to trace.
Regular and religious worshipping of the Shivlingam blesses the family of worshipper with Unity, Harmony, Spiritual Upliftment and Prosperity. Crystal / Sphatik Shivlinga harmonizes the aura surrounding us and eradicates the negative energy, therefore when we place this crystal Shivling, in our home or office, the place is cleaned by the power of crystal and the blessings of Lord Shiva are obtained. Those who place this crystal Shiva in their home or office, have observed something too good to be true! They noticed that Crystal Shivling replaces all negative energies with unlimited abundance and positive power. If one sees and touches this sacred Shivlinga daily in the morning with utter devotion, he will see the effect of this from the very first day. Lord Shiva is commonly worshipped in the form of Shivlinga. Pindi Shivling is worshiped for acquiring protection from diseases, temper problem, fear of mishaps, sudden death, worries etc. It works as a guardian angel when it is matter of life and death. This Shivling should be touched and prayed with pure and clear mind every morning to reap the maximum benefits and you would see the immediate results of this from the very first day.



25 gms approx

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