Remedial Measures for Planet Saturn

Remedial Measures for Planet Saturn

Remedies of Saturn in 1st House

  1. You are strictly restricted from consumption of non-vegetarian food, alcohol and any kind of addictive bad vices like drugs, smoking, chewing of tobacco etc.
  2. You are suggested to bury some black salt or black antimony in the ground for the success of your business or your career.
  3. Adopt and tame a monkey for money and property.
  4. It is highly advisable to pour milk to the roots of the Banyan tree and apply tilak of wet mud on your forehead for strong and improved health.
  5. Give a frying pan or stove to a sadhu as donation.
  6. One should not speak lie, and should not look at possessions of others with bad intentions.
  7. To enhance your luck get a dark room constructed towards the left side of your house as this will prove very favourable.
  8. When such people are born, there should not be any celebration like playing drums etc.
  9. Worshipping and praying God Bharoon and offering alcohol in God Bharoon's temple will prove beneficial.
  10. Keeping a black Buffalo or feeding milk to the snake will also be good step towards relief.
  11. Taking into consideration the Rahu's position in your Kundali, you should wear the stone Neelam. In case if Neelam is out of your reach, then optionally you may wear a ring made out of the nail of a boat or out of a black horse's shoe.
  12. In scenario where the Saturn is elevated or in its own sign Capricorn or Aquarius in your Kundali, then do not donate things related to Saturn.

Remedies of Saturn in 2nd House

  1. Business in dealing with grains and spices like urad, gram or black pepper will be very profitable for you.
  2. Avoid applying oil on your forehead as it will bring bad luck to you. Instead apply milk tilak on your forehead.
  3. Walk to the temple on bare foot continuously for 43 days and request God to pardon you for all your mistakes in your prayers.
  4. For the wellbeing of your in-laws, feed milk to snake.
  5. Donate Urad, black pepper, gram, or sandal wood at the temple in charity.
  6. You should strictly shun non-vegetarian food, alcohol, drugs, tobacco and smoking.
  7. Apply a layer of mustard oil on the wheat bread (roti/chapati) and feed it to a dog or a crow.
  8. You should not accumulate or spend the hard earned and money of the laborers because it is rightfully theirs.

Remedies of Saturn in 3rd House

  1. If you keep a spotted dog (black and white) as a pet and treat it well then it will increase your wealth.
  2. Building a dark room towards the rear end of your house and accessorizing it with articles related to Saturn will prove to be highly beneficial.
  3. Knock an iron nail with hammer at the entrance step of your house.
  4. In case you are suffering from bad effect on your eyes then distributing eye medicines for free will be virtuous.
  5. Pray to please Lord Ganesha by worshipping him.
  6. Observe abstinence from non-vegetarian food, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or cigarettes.
  7. Do not keep the entrance door of your house facing the western or southern direction.
  8. There should be at least one step mount between the room and terrace or do not keep any kind fuel on your terrace.
  9. Grow a berry tree within the campus of your house.
  10. Donate Udad dal, leather or iron in charity or swim them away in water.
  11. Take good care of your uncles.

Remedies of Saturn in 4th House

  1. Offering milk to snake
  2. Offering rice and milk to crow or buffalo
  3. Put rice or pour milk in a well
  4. Contribute in charity and donate oil, urad dal and black cloth
  5. Pouring alchohole in running water i.e. river
  6. Uplifting and helping people in the society who are below you
  7. Keep your character blemish free
  8. Do not wear green and black coloured clothes
  9. Don’t devour a lot of things which are products of milk. It includes all milk products (cheese, butter, ghee, curd) and all edible items which contains milk products like sweets
  10. It is highly recommended not to catch fish or even eat it

Remedies of Saturn in 5th House 

  1. Keep moong dal or any grams in a dark room in your ancestral house 
  2. On the occasion of the birth of a child, distribute salty things to the guests
  3. At a religious place like temple, offer 10 almonds and bring the other half back home
  4. Keep gold and saffron in contact with you
  5. Do not get a house constructed unless you reach at age of 48
  6. Offer milk to snake
  7. Donate oil in charity
  8. Give away non-vegetarian food and alcohol in donation
  9. Be truthful to all and yourself. Defy speaking lies

Remedies of Saturn in 6th House

  1. In order to get progress in your business, perform remedies of Mercury
  2. When suffering from sickness, bury an earthen pot filled with mustard oil under a lake or in the ground
  3. For the welfare of your children, keep a black dog in your house
  4. Give milk to a black snake
  5. Pour milk at the roots of the Plum berry tree
  6. Donate 6 pairs of shoes to the hard working labourers on Saturday
  7. Abstain yourself from consuming non vegetarian food or alcohol
  8. Keep your character spot less clean
  9. Gently immerse almonds and coconut in flowing water
  10. While purchasing new articles make sure that they are not made up of iron and leather
  11. Be alert and keep your leather shoes safe from getting them stolen
  12. Do not commence any work related to Saturn during a moonless night
  13. If there is a death of a milk giving animal in your house then it is suggested to keep a goat
  14. Observe fast on every Saturday
  15. Visit at a Bhairav temple and donate alcohol
  16. Speak truth not matter what
  17. Feed the dog or crow with wheat bread after layering it with mustard oil

Remedies of Saturn in 7th House

  1. Taking care and serving a black cow
  2. If the 1st house is empty then keep a container filled with honey in your house
  3. Gently massage your eyes with silver white antimony
  4. Fill jiggery or sugar in a flute and then bury it in an isolated area
  5. Refrain yourself from consuming non-vegetarian food and alcohol
  6. Become philanthropic and donate oil and alcohol
  7. Never speak lies
  8. Help and take good care of your uncles.

Remedies of Saturn in 8th House

  1. Keep a piece of silver with you which is square in shape
  2. While taking bath pour some milk in the water and sit on a stone or wooden piece during the process
  3. Refrain from the consumption of alcohol
  4. Do not hit or kill snakes
  5. Gently immerse 8 kilograms of black udad dal in water
  6. Take care of your uncles and help them whenever they need
  7. Give bread (roti) for meal to the dogs or crows after applying mustard oil on it

Remedies of Saturn in 9th House

  1. Offering rice or almonds in running water
  2. Business related to precious metals like gold/silver and cloth will give good results
  3. Get a dark room constructed at the hinder part of your house
  4. Do not store fuel on the terrace of your house
  5. Remedies of Jupiter would be advantageous
  6. Apply a saffron tilak on your forehead
  7. Visit nearby temple of Bhairav and give away alcohol as donation
  8. Serve a black buffalo
  9. Feed snake with milk
  10. Give away oil or alcohol in donation
  11. Speaking lies is a big “NO-NO!!!”
  12. Consumption of non-vegetarian food or alcohol is strictly prohibited

Remedies of Saturn in 10th House

  1. Keep Holy Ganga water in a brass metal container in your house
  2. Respect people without any kind of bias
  3. Do not eat non-vegetarian food and don’t drink alcohol
  4. Take proper care of your uncle
  5. Immerse gram pulses in flowing water for continuous 43 days
  6. Visit religious places
  7. Offering food to ten blind people
  8. Do not get your house constructed before you reach at an age of minimum 48 years
  9. Do not hit or kill animals
  10. Do not keep any sorts of weapons with you
  11. Do not indulge in work that requires you to keep running around
  12. Donate liquor in the temple of 'Bhairav'
  13. Feed roti to the crows and dogs after applying mustard oil on it
  14. Do not keep the hard earned labourers’ money with you

Remedies of Saturn in 11th House

  1. At the time of sunrise, dispense oil, alcohol or things that flow like water on the ground
  2. Before initiating any type good work, place an earthen pot filled with water in your house and drop oil or wine on earth for forty three days
  3. Strictly abstain from alcohol or non-vegetarian food
  4. Keep your character worth honouring
  5. Do not live in a house whose main door faces southwards
  6. Store a silver brick in your house
  7. Observing fast on Saturdays
  8. Do not accumulate the money of laborers with you

Remedies of Saturn in 12th House

  1. Maintain a good character that is morally sound
  2. Abstinence from drinking alcohol and eating non-vegetarian food is imperative
  3. Speaking lies is forbidden
  4. Keep 12 almonds enveloped in a black piece of cloth towards the southern corner of your house
  5. Feed fishes with almonds for continuous 12 Saturdays without break
  6. Be sure that you get a dark room constructed in your house
  7. Do not eat someone else’s left over food
  8. Fast on Saturdays is required
  9. Give away oil and alcohol in donation


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