Remedial Measures for planet Rahu as per Lal Kitab

Remedial Measures for Planet Rahu

 Remedies of Rahu in 1st House

(1) Float 400 grams or 4 kilogram of coins in the river or flowing water.
(2) In the event of a financial crisis or bad health, tie the cat's placenta (jeir) in a copper-color cloth and keep with you.
(3) Don't wear black and blue clothes.
(4) Wear sliver around your neck.
(5) Float coconut in a river or flowing water.
(6) Remedies of the Moon will be beneficial for you.
(7) Float one kilogram of barley washed in 4 kilogram of milk in flowing water.
(8) Donation of wheat, jaggery and copper will be beneficial for you.
(9) Bathe in milk.
(10) Don't lit fire in the verandah of your house.
(11) Donating Radish will also be beneficial for you.
(12) Float stone or coal in water.
(13) After sunrise, feed the birds with grain.
(14) Do not create smoke in your home or the verandah of your home.

 Remedies of Rahu in 2nd House

(1) Throw the mud from the elephant's feet into the well.
(2) Keep a solid ball of silver, gold or Saffron in a silver box with you.
(3) Do not take electronic items in dowry.
(4) Keep good relationship with your mother and take care of her.
(5) If you son is in pain, then float Jo or mustard equivalent to his weight in the water.
(6) Applying tilak of saffron or turmeric will also prove to be beneficial.
(7) Wear gold ornaments.
(8) Keep water or silver towards the north-western part of your house.
(9) Take care of the untouchables.

 Remedies of Rahu in 3rd House

(1) Do not keep things made out of Ivory with you.
(2) Wear silver jewellery or keep it with you.
(3) Performing 'KANYADAAN' will be beneficial.
(4) You should donate mustard, tobacco etc.
(5) Do not live separated from your family.
(6) Feed food to the birds after sunrise.
(7) Do not give false testimony.
(8) Plant a Peepal tree.

 Remedies of Rahu in 4th House

(1) Wear silver.
(2) Float 400 grams or 1 kilogram of coriander for a continuous 7 Wednesdays.
(3) Take bath in the Ganga at Haridwar.
(4) There should be no logging of dirty water within the premises of your house.
(5) Your kitchen should not be situated right at the foot of the steps leading to the terrace or roof or the upper floor.
(6) Get the complete house constructed all at once and not in phases.
(7) Do not keep fuels like coal etc on the terrace.
(8) Pary to Goddess Saraswati.
(9) Wear agate.
(10) Do not consume tabacoo.
(11) Do not generate smoke either in your house or the verandah.
(12) Do not be a false witness.

 Remedies of Rahu in 5th House 

(1) Keep a silver elephant in your house.
(2) Keep away from non-vegetarian food and alcohol.
(3) Keep 5 raddish next to your wife in the night and donate it to a temple in the morning.
(4) For the happiness of your children, bury a silver brick under the stepping stone of your house.
(5) Keep your character clean.
(6) Do not indulge in a 2nd marriage.
(7) Marry your wife again.
(8) Do not take electrical goods, blue colored cloth or any steel utensils in dowry.
(9) Performing 'KANYADAAN' will be favorable.
(10) Donate Mustard, tabacoo etc.
(11) Do not live separately away from your family.

 Remedies of Rahu in 6th House

(1) Keeping a brown or black dog will be very favorable.
(2) Keep a solid silver ball with you.
(3) Wear black glasses.
(4) Keep blue flowers at the feet of Goddess Saraswati's idol for a continuous 6 days.
(5) Do not fight or quarrel with your brothers and sisters.
(6) Have black glasses on all the windows of your house.
(7) Pray to Goddess Saraswati.
(8) Do not become a false witness.
(9) Keep good relationship with your in-laws.

 Remedies of Rahu in 7th House

(1) If your wife has problems, then keep a silver brick in the house.
(2) On Saturday, float coconut or almonds in flowing water.
(3) During your marriage, take pure silver from the father of your wife and give it to her. Make sure you keep it safe with you all your life.
(4) Fill a bottle with Ganga water and seal it. You also have to put a square silver piece in the bottle. Make sure that the water does not dry up and if it does then break the seal and refill the bottle and then seal it back again.
(5) If you get married before the age of 21 then keep a silver bowl filled with ganga water having a square silver piece in it. Also, keep a similar kind of silver bowl filled with ganga water having silver in it with your wife at a safe location or keep it at the place you worship.
(6) Do not keep any dog at home.
(7) Do not wear blue clothes.
(8) Take electrical appliances, blue clothes and steel utensils in dowry.
(9) Donate radish.
(10) Float coal in water.
(11) Feed birds with grain.
(12) Do not generate smoke in your house or the verandah.

 Remedies of Rahu in 8th House

(1) Float coal equivalent to your weight in water on Saturday.
(2) For a continuous 43 days, offer 8 almonds in the temple and keep 4 of them with you and throw them in flowing water.
(3) Float 4 kilograms of coins and 8 coconuts in flowing water.
(4) Do not change the roof of your house. If it becomes necessary to change then make sure to use old material in it along with the new material.
(5) If fever is not coming down then wash 800 grams or 8 kilogram of Jo in cow's urine and float it in water.
(6) If there is an oven (to fry grain) around your house then throw a copper coin in it.
(7) Keep a square silver piece with you.
(8) While sleeping, keep some anise (saunf) under your pillow.
(9) Do not indulge in any kind of electrical related work.
(10) Till the age of 42, float 8 coins in the water.
(11) Take electrical goods, blue clothes and utensils of steel in dowry.

 Remedies of Rahu in 9th House

(1) Keep a dog.
(2) Do not become the head of your family.
(3) Keep a pony tail.
(4) Apply saffron tilak.
(5) Wear gold.
(6) Keep nice relations with your in-laws.
(7) Stay in a joint family.
(8) Keep traveling to religious places.
(9) Do not let dirty water flow under the stepping stone of your house.
(10) Do not let dirty water get clogged around your house.
(11) Take care of untouchables.
(12) Donate mustard, tobacco etc.
(13) Do not consume tobacco.

 Remedies of Rahu in 10th House

(1) Do not keep your head uncovered.
(2) Do not wear any other colored cap except for blue and black.
(3) Float masoor dal in flowing water.
(4) Float 4 kilogram of jaggery in water or donate it.
(5) Feed blind people.
(6) Perform remedies of Mars.
(7) Donate sweets and red cloth sometimes.
(8) Bury Jo in a dark room.
(9) Donate mustard and tobacco.
(10) Do not give false testimony.
(11) Keep good relationship with your in-laws.
(12) Do not generate smoke in your house or the verandah.

 Remedies of Rahu in 11th House

(1) Wear gold.
(2) Apply tilak of saffron.
(3) Drink water in a silver glass.
(4) Donate gram pulses wrapped in a yellow cloth on Thursday.
(5) Do not consume onions or garlic on Thursday.
(6) Give away electronic items as gifts.
(7) Do not buy a toy that is shaped or looks like an elephant.
(8) Smoke cigarette through a silver funnel. (If you smoke)
(9) Keep all electronic items in your house in working condition.
(10) Do not wear sapphire ring.
(11) Do not wear blue clothes.
(12) Do not keep any arms either with you or in your house.
(13) Float 4 kilograms of coins in the river.
(14) Do not accept any electronic items in dowry.
(15) Do not keep unused utensils covered.

 Remedies of Rahu in 12th House

(1) To improve your financial condition, you will have to give a part of your earnings to your sister, daughter or aunt.
(2) Keep anise (saunf) in a red colored small sack besides you.
(3) Sit in the kitchen and have your food.
(4) Float coal in flowing water.
(5) Feed radish to the elephant.
(6) Wear a square silver piece around your neck.
(7) Keep a solid silver elephant in your house.
(8) Do not generate fumes in your verandah.
(9) Get a dark room constructed at the read end of your house.
(10) Worship Goddess Saraswati.
(11) Take electrical appliances in dowry.


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