Remedial Measures for planet Mars as per Lal Kitab

Remedial Measures for Planet Mars

 Remedies of Mars in 1st House

(1) You should not accept anything for free (Mars being unfavorable). 
(2) You should avoid getting involved in bad things and should avoid speaking lie. (Mars being unfavorable) 
(3) You should not stay in the company of saints, monks or Ojhas.
(4) You should avoid getting involved in the exchange of ivory related products. (Mars being unfavorable)
(5) You should get involved in business of articles related to Mars.
(6) You should recite the Maha Gayatri mantra regularly and should apply sindhoor tilak on lord Hanuman.
(7) You will be benefited if you wear Coral (red). If you cannot procure Coral then you can also wear copper.
(8) You should take good care of your brothers.
(9) Wearing pure silver will prove beneficial.
(10) Doing business of Anise (saunf) seeds will prove beneficial.

 Remedies of Mars in 2nd House

(1) Float Revari (Indian sweet) and Batasha (Indian sweet) in flowing water.
(2) Doing business in electrical goods will help you to progress.
(3) Keep helping your brothers and friends.
(4) For the good result of Mars, keep a deer.
(5) Keep a red color handkerchief with you.
(6) Donating wheat and jaggery to a small boy during the afternoon will be very beneficial.
(7) Keep an aquarium at home.
(8) Eat honey as the first thing in the morning.
(9) Eating Halwa or drinking Milk will also be beneficial for you.
(10) Wearing Coral (Moonga) will be good. If you cannot get coral then you can wear copper too.
(11) Doing business in Moon related things will be good for you.
(12) If your in-laws get a drinking water tank constructed for the people then it will be favorable for you.

 Remedies of Mars in 3rd House

(1) Keep things made out of Ivory in your house.
(2) Try and reduce your anger.
(3) Help your brothers.
(4) Wear a silver ring on the left hand's thumb.
(5) Involve yourself in the business of articles made out of Ivory or wear things made out of Ivory.
(6) Keep your character good.
(7) Eat less or else it will have a bad effect on your health.
(8) Recite Maha Gayatri mantra.
(9) Apply Hanuman's sindhoor.
(10) Feed sweets to your guests after the meal.
(11) Float Revadi (Indian sweet) in water.

 Remedies of Mars in 4th House

(1) The remedy from the bad effects of Mars is that you should brush you teeth everyday with clean water.
(2) If you are suffering from stomach related problems, then you should pour sweet milk in the roots of the banyan tree and then apply a tilak on your forehead with that wet mud.
(3) If there are occurrences of fire in your house every now and then, you should keep a sack of sugar or jaggery on the roof of your house.
(4) Hanging a square silver piece on the door of your house will be favorable for you.
(5) Save yourself from a lengthy illness, hammer an iron nail in the door.
(6) Donating copper, jaggery, wheat, silver, milk etc will keep you away from the harmful effects of Mars.
(7) Taking care of elderly people, saints or a sadhus will also help to mitigate the harmful effect of Mars.
(8) Feeding sweets to the birds or keeping articles made out of ivory in your house will mitigate the bad effects of Mars.
(9) Float 400 grams Revadi (Indian sweet) in water.
(10) Wear a three element (gold, silver and copper) ring.
(11) Take care of your elder maternal uncle.
(12) Plant a 'DHAK' tree in your house.
(13) Wash 400 grams of rice in milk and float it in water for continuous 7 Tuesdays. 
(14) You should not do business of Jaggery or Honey.
(15) Keep fast on Tuesday.
(16) Reciting Maha Gayatri verses and applying Lord Hanuman's sindhoor on the forehead will be good.

 Remedies of Mars in 5th House 

(1) In the night while sleeping, keep some water next to you and in the morning pour the water onto some plant.
(2) Be polite while interacting with your son's friends.
(3) Plant a Neem tree in your house.
(4) Perform 'SHRADDH' of your ancestors.
(5) Keep your character good.
(6) Keep fast on Tuesday.
(7) After a meal, serve sweets to your guests.
(8) Wear coral and in the absence of it, you can also wear copper.
(9) Take care of your brother.

 Remedies of Mars in 6th House

(1) Feed milk to 6 unmarried girls.
(2) Donate silver or rice.
(3) Take care of your brother-in-law.
(4) Do not distribute sweets at the time of the birth of your child, instead, distribute salty things.
(5) Do not make your child wear gold.
(6) Worship Lord Ganesha.
(7) Recite Maha Gayatri hymn
(8) Apply sindhoor of Lord Hanuman.
(9) Serve sweets to the guests after food.
(10) Take care of your brother.

 Remedies of Mars in 7th House

(1) Gift a red cloth to your aunt or sister.
(2) To make Saturn exalted, get a house constructed.
(3) Keep a solid silver ball in your pocket.
(4) Gift sweets to your daughter, sister, aunt and sister-in-law.
(5) Keep constructing and destroying a small wall.
(6) Take care of the sons of your brother.
(7) Do not plant ornamental type plants in your house.
(8) Keep your character clean.
(9) Donate masoor dal, honey or sindhoor or float them in water.
(10) Serve sweets to your guests after they finish having their food.

 Remedies of Mars in 8th House

(1) Feed 8 sweet breads (rotis) baked only from one side to the dogs.
(2) Wear a ring made out of 3 metals.
(3) Always wear a silver chain around your neck.
(4) Float 4 kilograms of revadi or batasha (Indian sweets) in water.
(5) Take silver from your grandmother and wear it around your neck.
(6) You should take care of a widowed woman.
(7) When the effects of Mars are highly debilitated, then bury an earthen pot filled with honey at an isolated place. This remedy is useful only if either Jupiter or Moon is in the 3rd house.
(8) Mercury is Mars's biggest enemy. When it teams up with Mars then it will destroy the maternal family of the person. If his maternal uncle leaves his house and stays away then only he remains safe. Piercing the nose is also necessary. By wearing silver in the nose for 100 days, the bad effects of Mercury get mitigated.
(9) Take the blessing from widowed women.
(10) Eat your food while sitting in the kitchen.
(11) Get a dark room constructed in your house.
(12) Donate rice, jaggery, and gram at a religious place.
(13) Before baking the bread (roti), splash some water drops on the pan.
(14) Recite the Maha-Gayatri hymns.
(15) Take care of your brother.

 Remedies of Mars in 9th House

(1) Keep red handkerchief with you.
(2) On Tuesday, offer sindhoor to Lord Hanuman.
(3) Take care of your grandfather.
(4) Listen to your elder brother.
(5) Be nice to your sister-in-law. 
(6) Do not be atheist.
(7) Donate rice, jaggery, and milk at a religious place.
(8) Offer sweets to your guests after food.

 Remedies of Mars in 10th House

(1) Worship Lord Hanuman.
(2) Eat sweet food.
(3) Take care of your uncles.
(4) Do not sell parental property and gold.
(5) While boiling milk, make sure that it does not boil out of the vessel.
(6) Take care of an ugly, handicapped and childless person.
(7) Recite the Maha Gayatri hymn.
(8) Keep fast on Tuesday.

 Remedies of Mars in 11th House

(1) Keep a black-white dog.
(2) Apply sindhoor of Lord Hanuman.
(3) Do not sell your parental property.
(4) Keep sindhoor or honey in an earthen pot.
(5) Take care of your brother-in-law or nephew after the birth of your child.
(6) Keep fast on Tuesday.
(7) Serve sweet food to your guests.
(8) Take good care of your brothers.

 Remedies of Mars in 12th House

(1) Feed honey or jaggery mixed in milk to an aged Brahmin for continuous 12 Tuesdays.
(2) Donate 'BATASHA' (Sweet) at a religious place for continuous 12 Tuesdays.
(3) Do not keep any kind of rusted weapon in your house.
(4) Offer jaggery mixed in water to the Sun.
(5) Keep a pony tail on your head.
(6) Keep rice in a silver box with you.
(7) Eat sweets and offer it to others.
(8) Offer Laddoos on Tuesdays in the temple of Lord Hanuman.
(9) Take care of your elder brother.
(10) Eat honey early in the morning.
(11) Wear a red colored cap.
(12) Wear yellow colored clothes.
(13) Offer sugar cube to your guests after the food.
(14) Wear read coral.


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