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Rudraksha Pearl (Moti) Combination Mala


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Rudraksha Pearl mala is made of 5 mukhi Indonesian Rudrakshas of 7 mm and Pearl beads of 7 mm with knots between the thread. It can be used to wear or for Japa purpose.

5 Mukhi Rudraksha : Five Mukhi Rudraksha are said to be very effective in increasing Worldly comforts, Spiritual fulfillment, Harmony, Richness, Prosperity, Self Confidence, Mental Peace, Positve thoughts, Creativity power, Foresight, Health & Wealth. It decreases the Enemity, Fear of Death, Accidental Death, Difference of opinion, Inferiority complex, Depression and Anxiety. It is also very beneficial in Liver Diseases, Chronic Fever, Mental ailments, Body pain, Gynec problems, Cancer, Lethargy, Diseases of Gall Bladder, Nose, Kidney, Ears, Thighs, Genital organs, Skin and Stomach.

Pearl ( Moti ) : Pearls are used for pacifying the negative effects of planet Moon. Pearl is considered as very cooling and peaceful gemstone. It gives a soothing effect on mind and body. Pearl also inspires the creativity and brings wealth and health.

Number of Beads in the Mala : 108 + 1 beads with equal proportions of Rudraksha and Pearl

Size of Beads : 7 mm

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