Mangal Yantra

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Mangal Yantra

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  • Golden Plated 2 x 2 inches 
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This Yantra is very powerful and gives quick results. As the name denotes, this Yantra spells general well-being, good fortune & prosperity for the whole family. It also frees the person from debts, offers protection from accidents, cures diseases and anger/temper and ensures quick recover from surgeries etc, as per our ancient vedic texts. It is further said that, in the case of any grave problem or severe disease, the Yantra should be worshipped daily for quick relief. It ensures cosmic blessings of the Deities. This Yantra is also used where there is delayed marriage because of position of mars in the chart.

Shri Mangal Yantra/Mars Yantra is worshipped on Tuesday by keeping fast for 21 Tuesday continuously according to rituals.

The ladies or gents who are deprived off the marriage even up to 30 to 40 years due to certain obstacles or if the married life is full of miseries and difficulties, bickering, threatened separation or divorce, should worship Mangal Yantra/Mars Yantra to ward off above evils. Also Mangal Yantra/Mars Yantra works remarkably in case of abortions, denial of children, one remains in debt and is not capable to repay in spite of honest intentions rather debt increases making the life hell, all these difficulties can be overcome by the worship of Mangal Yantra/Mars Yantra.

When Mars is malefic or one is of rash temperament, Mangal Yantra/ Mars Yantra is extremely useful. One overcomes his enemies, protects from effects of poisonous articles. Mangal Yantra/ Mars shall be kept on rising moon Tuesday, Mangal Yantra/ Mars removes the evil effects of Mars like injury, accident etc. Those who are suffering from high blood pressure and those whose Mars is placed in first, fourth , seventh and tenth house shall keep this Yantra at their homes or with themselves to ward off the evil effects of planet Mars on them.

Beej Mantra for this Yantra  :-  "Om Shraang Shreeng Shrong Sa Mangalaye Namha"

Puja of this Yantra  :-  Click Here

Embossed on Golden plated heavy Metal Plate.

We provide Yantras that are Energized (Pran Pratishta) by learned Purohits, by reciting the Vedic mantra of the particular Devi or Deva along with the Homa done.

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