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Gomati Chakra-Set of 11 pcs.


Price: US $11.95

  • Set of 11 pcs 
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Gomati Chakra

Gomati Chakra is a rare natural shell stone, found from the Gomti River in Dwarka situated in India. It gives protection against evil eyes and from the negative elements.People who possess Gomti Chakra are blessed with Health,Wealth and Prosperity. It also  protects children from malefic elements. It can also be hanged in front of the House to bring peace. Gomati Chakra can also be buried in the foundation of buildings as it blesses the residents with a long life. Gomati Chakras can also be wrapped in a red cloth and placed in rice or wheat containers for the food surity. Gomati Chakra is also worshipped on the Deepawali along with Goddess Lakshmi ji. Gomati Chakra represents the Sudarshan Chakra of Lord Krishna which is his main weapon. Gomati Chakra is available in pure stone form and is embedded along with jewellery. Some people wear it like a pendant.

Price : USD 11.95 for a Set of 11 Gomati Chakras

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