Feng Shui for Protection

Feng Shui items for protection against various kind of Bad influences and Evil Eye

Swastik - Om - Trishul  Symbol


US $11.95
Swastik Om Trishul Symbol : This symbol is also known as Tri Shakti Symbol since it is a combination of three most powerful symbols known as Trishul or Trident, Om and Swastik. In India the three most auspicious signs are those of " SWASTIK - OM and TRISHUL ". Hence, if all these three signs are displayed together on the out side of the main door of any House,... More

Pa - Kua Mirror - 2


US $5.95
A Pa kua Mirror consists of a round convex mirror mounted at the centre of an octagonal- shaped Pa Kua. In the Pa Kua all sectors are represented with their respective colors and symbols. The trigram arrangement around the eight sides in a Pa Kua, gives meaning to the eight major directions of the compass, with South always placed on top. A Pa Kua mirror is used to ward... More

Ba - Gua


US $5.95
A Ba Gua is similar in all respects to the Pa Kua mirror, the only difference being that in the center there is no mirror but  the mirror is replaced with a YIN-YANG symbol above which there are nine pyramids.  The Ba kua is to be hung on the door frame of the master bedroom. If you are using it in an office then it should be hung on the door frame of your... More