Feng Shui for Luck

Feng Shui is the Chinese wisdom to understand universal energy and its effects. Feng Shui, the mystic Chinese art, creates balance and harmony in our personal environment. Feng Shui's simple translations is " Wind & Water " , which are essential elements in the nature and in our lives. Feng Shui remedies are used to change the flow of energy in our surroundings and harness this energy for happy, healthy and prosperous life.

Dragon Headed Tortoise With Baby


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Dragon Headed with Baby This legendary symbol combines the awesome powers and attributes of the dragon and the tortoise. These are two of the most spiritually endowed creatures of Chinese symbolism. The image is that of a creature with the body of a tortoise and the head of the dragon sitting on a bed of coins and gold ingots. The coins in its mouth, signifies... More

Arowana Fish


US $7.95
Arowana Fish Fishes are considered to be representative of unlimited wealth in Feng Shui. Therefore many type of fishes are used to create positive energy. There is an immense increase in the good luck and prosperity due to these fishes. Chinese people believe that Arowana fish is a Feng Shui fish.Many people swear that their good fortune is due to keeping live... More

Coin With Bells


US $3.95
Three bells tied together with three Chinese coins is yet another very auspicious Feng Shui item used for bringing money luck and positive Chi energy into your house. These bells and coins should be hung on the inside of the main door of your house. The coins bring money luck while the sound vibrations produced by the bells energize the positive Chi energy thereby... More

Triple Tortoise


US $12.95
Triple Tortoise Feng Shui Tortoise is found to bring good Chi ( good energy ) to your house. There are 4 celestial creatures, namely the Dragon, Phoenix, White Tiger and Tortoise.Tortoise is the only celestial creature that ACTUALLY exists until today. This Feng Shui Tortoise is a symbol of longevity, happiness and harmony. It also represent symbol of protection,... More

Bejeweled Metal Turtle


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Turtle is one of the four celestial animals in Feng Shui. A turtle has very long life and therefore it represents longevity and good luck. This turtle should be placed in the north or north-east sector of your house preferably in a plate containing some water. However, if your bedroom falls in the north and north-east direction, then the turtle should be placed without... More

Ganesha Idol On A Wooden Slab


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Lord Ganesha is also known as " Vighnaharta " i.e. remover of all obstacles. Hence Lord Ganesha is worshipped first before  any auspicious work or any pooja is performed. In India, it is considered very auspicious to place a Ganesha idol or a picture of Lord Ganesha in the pooja room or on the main door of the house or office. Item... More

Wish Granting Cow


US $9.95
As the name suggests the wish-granting cow is symbolic of a person’s wishes being fulfilled.In Feng Shui, the wish-fulfilling cow, often found sitting on a bed of coins or ingots, is used to fulfill and attract good descendant's luck,ensuring that your future generations will be prosperous. In India the cow is considered as a holy animal. People here worship the cow... More

Subh Labh


US $3.95
The words"SUBH" and "LABH" are considered very pious and lucky as they are supposed to represent Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi. A pair of metal stickers having these words along with "Swastik" on either side of the main entrance of the house, office or the puja ghar is considered to bring wealth and over all prosperity. Item Description : Set of Two... More

Yin-Yang Symbol


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According to Chinese philosophy, the life force of the Universe is known as Chi. The universe is in a state of constant flow of this Chi around us. This flow is governed by descending yang chi from the Heavens and ascending yin chi from the earth. yin and yang are the basic energies of the universe. These two energies represent the  female and the male energies and are... More

Pyramid - 1


US $12.95
Pyramid wish machine is completely new and amazing. It's a mechanism for concentrating unseen psychic energy, discovered as a source of mystical energy,being tried for making dreams come true. It helps to fulfill your dreams and also helps to harmonize your relationships and to make your environment lively and happily. It is a combination of plate with pyramid chips,... More