Eight (8) Mukhi Rudraksha - Indonesian

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Eight (8) Mukhi Rudraksha - Indonesian


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For Energization Purpose. If no name is provided then Rudraksha will be Energized on a generalized basis.

  • with Metal Caps & Red Thread 
  • with Silver Caps & Red Thread (+US $2.00)

Normally each Rudraksha will be stringed separately. If you have purchased multiple Rudrakshas & want them in one single string, please write your instructions above

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8 Mukhi Indonesian Rudraksha

Information about Eight Mukhi Rudraksha

An 8 Mukhi Rudraksha has eight characteristic lines or Mukhas on its surface. The ruling deity of this Rudraksha is Lord Ganesha who is also known as "Vighna Harta" i.e. the destroyer of obstacles. Hence, the wearer of this Rudraksha is able to succeed in every venture by blessings of Lord Ganesha. One of the most important effect of this Rudraksha is that it removes hurdles so that the wearer is able to achieve success easily thereby leading a happier life. This Rudraksha is said to be related to Lord Kartikeya as well who is elder brother of Lord Ganesha and elder son of Lord Shiva. This Rudraksha also enhances the stability of mind so that the wearer is able to remain more calm and composed. Any person who is looking for getting Name, Fame and Leadership qualities should also wear this Rudraksha.

Product Info

8 mukhi Indonesian Rudraksha with Metal Caps & Red Thread
8 mukhi Indonesian Rudraksha with Silver Caps & Red Thread

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Ruling Deity Lord Ganesha
Ruling Planet Planet Rahu
Beej Mantra Om Hoom Namaha
Size of Bead 10 - 13 mm approx.
Positive Effects
( Benefits )
  • Eight Mukhi Rudraksha helps in removing all types of hurdles from the life of its wearer. It ensures overall Success and the wearer never faces defeat from his opponents.

  • The malefic effects of planet Rahu are cured by this bead and therefore it is helpful in mysterious kind of diseases and provides a shield against evil spirits as per Ancient Vedic Texts. Snake bites are also the result of malefic effects of Rahu and this Rudraksha is helpful in such cases also.

  • As per Ancient Vedic Texts, this Rudraksha is said to be very helpful in curing Nightmares, Skin diseases and diseases of Lungs, Feet, Skin and Hydroceol.

  • It insulates the wearer from Stress and Anxiety due to repeated failures. This Rudraksha is also very good for those people having "Sarp Dosh" (Planet Rahu in the 5th House) in their horoscope.

  • An Eight Mukhi Rudraksha is broadly used by Astrologers and people who are interested in Occult as it is very good for them.

Powers of 8 Mukhi Rudraksha

If a person is facing obstacles and hurdles in every phase of his life then he should wear the 8 Mukhi Rudraksha. This Rudraksha is also very helpful in reducing the count of enemies and it also positively effects the minds of the opponents. This Rudraksha should be worn in combination with 7 Mukhi Rudraksha to reduce the negative effects of Shani Dasha. This Rudraksha also secures the wearer from miseries of all kinds and at all the 3 levels that is mental, physical and spiritual. 8 Mukhi Rudraksha also makes a person more intelligent so that he is able to absorb more knowledge thereby becoming more successful in life.

Planetary Powers
of 8 Mukhi Rudraksha

The malefic effects of Rahu are rectified by this bead. It is good for diseases of the Mysterious Kind, Harassment by spirits, Trauma causing dreams, Skin diseases, Stress and Anxiety, Diseases of Lung, Feet, Skin, Eye Catarrhsis, Hydrofoil. Snake bites are also the result of malefic effects of Rahu and this Rudraksha is useful in such cases also. Excellent for people having Sarp Dosha in their charts. It is also good for Astrologers and individuals interested in the occult.

Who should wear this Rudraksha

An 8 Mukhi Rudraksha can be worn by those people who face difficulties in achieving Success in any work and whose life is full of Obstacles and Problems. People undergoing major or minor affliction of Saturn must wear this Rudraksha in combination with 7 Mukhi Rudraksha to get relaxation form the hardships they are facing. It is very useful for people suffering from Skin diseases, Fear of Snake, Cataract and Hydroceol.

Diseases cured by 8 mukhi Rudraksha

As per Ancient Vedic Texts, an 8 Mukhi Rudraksha is extremely favourable for treating diseases of Nervous System, Prostrate, Gall Bladder and Lungs, Fear of Snakes, Cataract, Hydrosil and Respiratory problems.

How to Wear an 8 Mukhi Rudraksha

An 8 Mukhi Rudraksha can be worn around the neck as a Pendant or alternately it can also be worn as a Bracelet around wrist or it can also be kept in the place of worship.

Puja of Rudraksha

Please note that all the Rudrakshas are already fortified with energy as per ancient Hindu Rituals (A Pran Pratishtha Puja is performed by our scholar Guruji) before being sent to the clients. Read More ....

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