Crystal Pendants

About Crystal :- In India crystal is also called SPHATIK. The name quartz comes from the Saxon word querklufterz which means "cross vein ore." Crystal is from the Greek word krystallos, which means "ice,", due to the early Greek's belief that rock crystal formed from ice. There isn't just a single crystal that is all-powerful. Rather, there are many different crystals and minerals that can be used to heal and provide spiritual guidance. However, when most people think of healing crystals, they think of the clear quartz crystal. Many practitioners that use crystals and minerals for healing work would agree that the quartz crystal, in various shapes and sizes, is truly one of the most versatile and useful crystals the earth has to offer.

Shree Yantra In Crystal Pendant


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Shree Yantra Pendant in Crystal is one of the most sacred, vital and dynamic Yantra, which not only procures maximum benefits, but also proves beneficial for almost everybody. It is the source of fulfilling all the worldly desires through inner cosmic power and mental strength. Shree Yantra is the most dynamic Yantra. It has also gained recognition as King of all the... More

Crystal Pendent


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Nowadays wearing quartz jewellery has become very trendy and fashionable as it looks good and also works on all levels of the body along with all chakras. It provides energy for practical or any metaphysical activity, as it enhances both body energy and frequency of mindful thoughts. It has a positive impact on almost all chakras as it shields the aura and expands the... More

"OM NAMAH SHIVAY" In Crystal Pendant


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OM NAMAH SHIVAY, also known as Panchakshara Mantra (five syllables) and it is the most potent and popular mantra in Indian mythology. This mantra enjoys prime position amongst all Vedas and Tantras. While there are other many mantras, this particularly focuses on meanings for mantra and also on meditation leading towards self-actualization. The Five Sacred Syllables... More

"SWASTIK" In Crystal Pendant


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The pattern of Swastika is considered to be highly pious and hence it is quite often used in the art and architecture of Hindus. No a single Hindu religious ritual can be considered completed without this symbol. This sacred motif is used to beautify almost all the religious things. Due to its sanctity, it is used in all the Hindu yantras in the form of a celestial symbol.... More

"OM" In Crystal Pendant


US $7.95
OM is most prevalent and sacred symbol. It is believed to be the primal sound of the universe. According to tradition, ancient sages had the remarkable ability to hear the subtle vibrations produced by everything in the universe, and they discovered and identified OM as the most elemental sound of creation. It is said that in the beginning, there was only sound and from... More