Crystal Items

About Crystal :- In India crystal is also called SPHATIK. The name quartz comes from the Saxon word querklufterz which means "cross vein ore." Crystal is from the Greek word krystallos, which means "ice,", due to the early Greek's belief that rock crystal formed from ice. There isn't just a single crystal that is all-powerful. Rather, there are many different crystals and minerals that can be used to heal and provide spiritual guidance. However, when most people think of healing crystals, they think of the clear quartz crystal. Many practitioners that use crystals and minerals for healing work would agree that the quartz crystal, in various shapes and sizes, is truly one of the most versatile and useful crystals the earth has to offer.

Crystal Sri Yantra


US $13.95
The crystal Shri Yantra is carved out from natural Rock Crystal. It has a life of about 100 years. This Sphatik Shree yantra is in 3D shape, which is considered to be the most auspicious amongst all the Shree yantras and all yantras. Shri yantra is also said to emit healing power and has the capacity to heal mind, body and Soul. During ancient times, The Sri Yantra was... More

Crystal Shivlinga


US $13.95
A laser clear quartz crystal is a fundamental instrument when it comes to intensive healing. It has the potential to amplify the energy by cleansing negativity. It safeguards against evil eyes and negativity. Crystals when moulded in shape of Gods like Budddha, Ganesh, Shiva, Lakshmi and other, they become more effective and auspicious in comparison to the ordinary... More

Crystal Mala


US $19.95
Crystal or Quartz Rosary is made of stone which is clear as water hence the term “crystal clear” is used so much around the world. It has been entitled as "Universal Crystal" because of its immense power and it is the most recognized type of crystal. It has property to cut out the negativity, so a Crystal Mala can be used as a cleanser in terms of the... More

Crystal Shankh


US $13.95
Crystal Shankh made of pure and clear crystal, which is also called mountain crystal or rock crystal. It is one of the most auspicious stones of the ancient and present cultures. It is sometimes so pure that it appears more clear and transparent than water. One can see objects through it clearly as in a mirror. Crystal works as mirror of soul. It reflects our struggle for... More

Crystal Sriyantra on Tortoise


US $24.95
Kurm Sriyantra is a Sriyantra which is crafted and mounted on the hump of a tortoise. The tortoise in itself is a very strong and long living being and it has magnificent ability to live in water and land simultaneously. Moreover, so humble it is that it does not harm anybody. Mother Nature has protected the delicate body of tortoise by providing it with a strong cover or... More

Crystal Shivlinga in Pindi Form


US $23.95
This type of Shiva Lingam is carved out from natural crystal and is considered that it imparts fame and prosperity as narrated in the saga “Linga Purana”. Shivling in a Pindi Form carved out of a single crystal gemstone and it represents Nirguna Brahman. This is most practiced for Aaradhna or worship of Lord Shiva. Crystal Shivling in a Pindi Form has no colour... More

Crystal Sun


US $14.95
The Sun represents power and authority. Crystal Sun promotes the peace of mind, earns favour from Superior officers in job, be it private company or government sector. Crystal Sun serves the purpose to energize particular area or to expand an area energetically that is congested and confined with negative/depressing energy. Crystal Sun is one of the most pious stones... More

Rama Padhuka In Crystal


US $14.95
As narrated in Shri Valmiki Ramayana, Lord Vishnu reincarnated himself on earth as Shri Rama. When Shri Rama migrated to the forests as a part of his exile, his brother stopped him and tried to convince him to come back. Lord Rama being a man of rules did not agree, so Bharat requested and convinced him to at least render his Padhuka (wooden slippers) to him. For which... More