Personalized Astrological Reports


These Astrological Reports will have the following THREE components in them :-

A) A Computer Generated Horoscope providing various basic informations. 

B) A Personal Analysis of Your Horoscope by our Expert Astrologer 

C) Remedial Measures by our Astrologer based on his Personal Analysis of your Horoscope 

Please Note - Your queries are also answered in this Personalized section by our Astrologer.


Basic Horoscope Analysis


US $9.95
ABOUT ASTROLOGY Astrology is a time tested Divine Science developed by our ancient sages, which can give a very accurate prediction about our past, present and future life and events of life. Astrology is based upon Nine Planets ( Navgrahas ), Twelve Zodiac Signs and Twelve houses or cusps. Whenever an individual is born there is a particular position of... More

Detailed Horoscope Analysis


US $51.00
Detailed Horoscope Analysis Astrology is a wonderful time tested science which gives a very accurate predictions about the past, present and future of any individual. At the time of our birth there is a particular position of... More

Business Prospects


US $14.95
Business Prospects For those doing Business, its success is one of the key factors which affects the entire family. Apart from the expertise and talent of the person, sometimes the planets and dasha periods and the type of business which suits you most as per... More

Marriage Prospects


US $14.95
Marriage Prospects The Institution of Marriage is very sacred and Marriage itself is one of the most important event in men/women life. A successful marriage is very important for the continuation of mankind. In Astrology, we have very well laid out principles and... More

Career Analysis Report


US $14.95
As soon as a person completes his Education ( sometimes even before the results are out ) the biggest concern of the person is getting a good job or starting his own business. Unfortunately some people have to enter a career even before they could complete their... More

Love Prospects Report


US $14.95
Love Prospects Report You are in deep Love with him/her and are literally dying to find out whether or not she/he is the one who has been made for you. Also there are other host of questions in your mind regarding this relationship which you want to materialize, but... More

Health Report


US $14.95
Health Report Health is one of the most important aspect of life. Age old sayings like " Health is Wealth " or " A healthy mind rests only be in a healthy body " still hold their values as we ourselves experience whenever we are sick due to any reason. Nobody wants... More

Match Making


US $23.95
MATCH MAKING REPORT The Institution of Marriage is very sacred and Marriage itself is one of the most important event in men/women life. A successful marriage is very important for the continuation of mankind. It is said that "Marriage is one single decision in a men/women's life which decides 90% of their happiness for the rest of their Life." In... More

Progeny Report


US $23.95
PROGENY REPORT The biggest aspiration that awaits a couple soon after their marriage is the Child Birth. This is also a dream of the entire family that the married couple be blessed with a healthy child without any problems during the entire period of pregnancy. Astrology is one of the strongest tools at the hands of a experienced astrologer which can... More

Pitra Dosh Report


US $9.95
ABOUT PITRA DOSH Sometimes we have to face constant sufferings in life without any apparent fault of ours. This is generally very astonishing that although we are doing all the good deeds, still, We as well as our family members are always undergoing one or the other type of problems. This type of problem can be perfectly explained with the... More

Kaal Sarp Dosh Report


US $9.95
ABOUT KAAL SARP DOSHA/YOGA A person is said to have a Kaal Sarp Dosha in his horoscope when all the planets viz Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are placed between the Rahu Ketu Axis. This yoga adversely affects almost all the areas of Life and if someone is having this Kaal Sarp Dosha in his/her horoscope, then it should be perfectly analysed... More

Mangal Dosh Report


US $9.95
ABOUT MANGAL DOSHA / KUJA DOSHA If  the planet Mars is placed in the First, Fourth, Seventh, Eighth or the Twelfth house of any Horoscope, then the person is deemed to have a Mangal or Kuja Dosh and such a person is known as Manglik. As  per Indian Vedic Astrology the most important effect of this Mangal Dosha is that such a native should marry... More

Shani Sade Sati Report


US $9.95
ABOUT SATURN SADE SATI A person is said to be under the Sade Sati of Saturn when the Saturn is transiting over the 12th, 1st and 2nd House from Natal Chart Moon. The period of Saturn Sade Sati is Seven and a Half Years since the planet Saturn takes around Two and a Half Years to transit through One Zodiac Sign. This Sade Sati of Saturn has THREE phases as follows... More